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Parents and children of check-in [b430832e75]

Merged png-get-physical-dimension, full tests passing. check-in: ee79783f52 user: aku tags: trunk
Forward port of Harald Oehlmann's work on the png package: - Add "getPhysicalDimension" to png package to get physical pixel size. Closed-Leaf check-in: b430832e75 user: aku tags: png-get-physical-dimension
Test fixes in assorted modules - hook: Updated to match changes in 8.6+ core error stack results. - html: Undone bad removal of some trailing whitespace. - markdown: Fixed bad name of untabify2 function, and fixed result postprocessing in tests. - math::pca is Tcl 8.6+ - string::token::shell: Updated to match result variation starting with 8.6. check-in: e6742077ec user: aku tags: trunk