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Parents and children of check-in [a423fd6576]

Re-doing the SCGI->ODIE merge check-in: b5bd71aa95 user: hypnotoad tags: odie
Added the markdown package Added a minimalist TclOO based webserver Added an example webserver that servers ASCII files from disk as well as dynamic content. SCGI now extends the minimal webserver SCGI now passes tests. The test harness works with the test script, and it will also interface with fossil running in SCGI mode. (At least enough to get a Redirect to where the query should have gone.) (Re-creating the checking in the scgi branch after checking it into odie) Closed-Leaf check-in: a423fd6576 user: hypnotoad tags: scgi
Indexing the SCGI module check-in: c906287ea7 user: hypnotoad tags: scgi