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Parents and children of check-in [7b5c2a0853]

Ticket [4a4e443ce9]. Merge fix into main line. check-in: 06fb32c333 user: aku tags: trunk
Ticket [4a4e443ce9]. Merge fix into work on pt rdengine tracing. check-in: 4b9b73cc20 user: aku tags: tkt-4a4e443ce9-pt-oo-fail
pt::peg::to::tclparam - Fixed ticket [4a4e443ce9]. Corrected tclparam code generator mishandling of the ! (neg. lookahead) operator when calling on parsing expressions generating AST nodes. Version bump to 1.0.3. Updated output for the new test case added for debugging. Note how no other test case had to be changed, i.e. this was not covered by the tests. Thanks for the report. Fix is fork before tracing changes to allow separate testing that these work. Closed-Leaf check-in: 7b5c2a0853 user: aku tags: tkt-4a4e443ce9-pt-oo-fail-fix
pt - Ticket [4a4e443ce9]. Completed testsuite, added all necessary files for the new testcase and grammar. Running it confirms that - peg interp is OK, - peg oo parser FAILS It further finds that the "peg snit parser" also fails, in the same manner. The critcl implementation however is OK. check-in: 5c8a247da3 user: aku tags: tkt-4a4e443ce9-pt-oo-fail