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Parents and children of check-in [7a4994784a]

Removed `devdoc/installation.txt`. Was a duplicate of `devdoc/dirlayout_install.txt`, thus superfluous. Reworked the installation instructions. Folded unix and windows into a single section based on the older `devdoc/INSTALL.txt`. This thus became superfluous, and was removed. check-in: 2e0a176af7 user: aku tags: doc-overhaul
Tweaked the `sak.tcl localdoc` command to match the change from `embedded/index.html` to `embedded/`. Added the first set of global documentation (license, how to get the sources, installation instructions). Extended `` and `embedded/` with references to the new documentation. Regenerated the documentation, embedded and for installation. check-in: 7a4994784a user: aku tags: doc-overhaul
Get updated package docs. check-in: a2ff90fa4e user: aku tags: doc-overhaul