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Parents and children of check-in [4afba263b2]

Merged fix for bug [8b317b4a63], made it official. check-in: 1298908cdd user: andreask tags: trunk
Ticket [8b317b4a63]: Added code to the 8.4+ implementations of GLOBF and GLOBD to guard ourselves against VFS packages mishandling the -types option of [glob]. vfs::zip is an example. This mishandling causes glob to return the same data for the two calls with "-types x" and "-types {hidden x}", generating lists with duplicate entries. We now generally de-duplicate the result ourselves. Bumped the package version to 1.14.6. Thanks to <[email protected]> for the investigation identifying this problem. Closed-Leaf check-in: 4afba263b2 user: andreask tags: bug-8b317b4a63-fileutil
New command 'many-json2dict' to parse strings containing more than one JSON entity. The existing json2dict command will return only the first. Updated documentation. Extended testsuite. Package version bumped to 1.2 check-in: 7a7e5b34ac user: andreask tags: trunk