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Parents and children of check-in [35b23abc2e]

Closing the nettool branch check-in: 1a20e85930 user: hypnotoad tags: odie
Merging branch in preparation for closing it Closed-Leaf check-in: 35b23abc2e user: hypnotoad tags: nettool
Eliminated all external dependencies on nettool. (Or at least restricted those depenedencies to other well defined packages in Tcllib) Adapted the file structure for nettool to play nicer with others. The files of the platform/ file system have been moved to the root of nettool, and given _ delimted file names. Moved cron to it's own module check-in: bae4ea2260 user: hypnotoad tags: odie
Checking in 2 new utilities into the odie module. Adding the codebale module into tcllib as there are a pile of routines we will probably want from there, and while we are de-odie-er-izing code, we might as well get the whole thing. (Checked into the feature branch first so I can have a version that arrives "as imported from odielib"). check-in: d9bb3642b1 user: hypnotoad tags: nettool