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50 check-ins occurring around 10268352a55cd55d.

Documentation updated to include Markdown as a possible output format. Regenerated embedded documentation. Version bumps EF (markdown) B (text, html, tmml, nroff, latex, wiki) I (text) T (*) D (*) doctools 1.5 doctoc 1.2 docidx 1.1 Closed-Leaf check-in: 14a3046674 user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
More polishing to bring the embedded markdown documentation nearer to par with HTML. Only the styling HTML had is missing, and that is a limit of MD itself. - Markdown: Added support for engine parameter 'header'. Needed for navbar from dtplite. Added missing copyright information (see also HTML). Added character protection to engine, to mark the special command characters. Special characters in the input are quoted at the end, to prevent them from being seen as special by markdown. This required support in the general text engine too, when handling indents. It must not count the protection character (\1). - dtplite: Use HTML entity for the vertical bar in the navbar. This prevents misidentification as special character in the markdown engine, while keeping it usable for the HTML engine. - Removed HTML stylesheet for fossil integration. Unused now with the embedded docs using markdown and fossil doing the render. - Regenerated embedded docs, inserting copyright comment, and navbar. check-in: 67c2cce9ef user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Switched homepage over to markdown. check-in: 2c7245df25 user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Merged localdoc work based on markdown into markdown. check-in: e0d7b4dc8e user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Fixed missing conversion to relative paths for image links. Closed-Leaf check-in: 58be278739 user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown-localdoc
Switched embedded docs to markdown. Regenerated install docs. check-in: 7cfe8cda34 user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown-localdoc
Fixed forgotten reset of md comment counter between documents. Fixed missing md extension declaration in the localdoc implementation. check-in: 945b80356c user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown-localdoc
Merge latest work done on markdown generator (tocs, xrefs). check-in: 945be77637 user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown-localdoc
Markdown: Implemented document cross references, and added refs to the per-page synopses. check-in: a8b930a4d3 user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Reworked section explaining use of critcl by build system based on feedback from Arjen Markus. check-in: c58a3c19ac user: aku tags: doc-overhaul
Applied Arjen Markus' corrections and feedback. check-in: 3d68643631 user: aku tags: doc-overhaul
Markdown: Implemented section cross references, per-page TOC. Updated test results. check-in: 78d88166a8 user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Markdown: Fixed indenting of example sections (as code blocks) nested in lists. Updated test results. check-in: 5ea283171a user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Markdown: Fixed paragraph counting when nesting lists. Fix for indenting in progress. check-in: d5f39d22eb user: andreask tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Text: Fixed paragraph counting when nesting lists check-in: a75ee706ed user: andreask tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Continued markdown work. More test cases, nested lists. Demonstrate issues with paragraph counting (text & markdown) and indenting (markdown only). Possibly demonstrate issue with text and markdown when a nested list is the first paragraph of an entry, without preceding text. This looks to lose the outer markup for start of entry. check-in: eaa4c90a8c user: andreask tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Tweaks to the narrative tracing check-in: 859f8caed1 user: andreask tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Fixed latex user reference in the results check-in: af4cc3338e user: andreask tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Switch embedded docs over to markdown. Drop lots of superfluous trailing whitespace. check-in: 56ca2fa4d9 user: andreask tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown-localdoc
Markdown continued polishing. - Hook into generation of copyright block. - Force line break in copyright block. - Use entity for copyright symbol. - Fix missing formatting for various span-level markup. - Fix index references, want links, not anchors. - Made notes of missing things (xref mainly, see HTML) - Fixed test results to match Text - Fixed missing cleanup of current context between pages. - Additional guards to detect contexts early, on emission, instead of final render. check-in: 34f227b45f user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Continued generation of markdown: doctools. check-in: 352aea205e user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Markdown: Updated test results, added index for easier inspection check-in: d6174df5a0 user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Markdown, switched toc and index to new comment commands. check-in: 669184b80b user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Text engine, fixed inverted conditions check-in: baa78c4740 user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Additional narrative tracing in text support. check-in: 7eb9daedd0 user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Better MD comment support. check-in: 10268352a5 user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Fixed comment typo check-in: bced18e56d user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Continued generation of markdown: doctoc. check-in: 61b61eed41 user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Squash and replace unwanted smart quotes. check-in: 590e67f11c user: aku tags: doc-overhaul
Started generation of markdown: docidx. check-in: 0f2ecff317 user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Shuffled the test support files for doctools around for a nicer hierarchy, with fmt, idx, and toc properly segregated. Updated the test suite to match the changes. Furthermore dropped superfluous checks for long-gone `CVS` directories. check-in: 7e7f01191f user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
doctools: - `text`: Sliced and diced internals for easier (re)comprehension of the parts. Going towards reuse for a new `markdown` format. Fixed various mis-formattings: - Missing newline at end of output - Superflous newlines at beginning of example sections. - Updated various formatters to not pass initial leading whitespace into the output (See testsuite change, added comments) - `latex`: Fixed handling of paragraph breaks, [nl]. - Extended testsuite, more manpage examples. Also added comments at top with short description. doctoc: - Syntax checker fix, items are allowed before toc end, after the last division. - `text`: Updated to make use of and match the reworked engine. - `html`: Fixed fixed mismanagement of items before first and after last division. Completely new state for tracking levels, items. - `nroff`: Fixed missing indenting of division title - `tmml`: Fixed variable name typo - Extended testsuite with examples for all the generators. docidx: - `nroff`: Fixed unsorted output - Extended testsuite with examples for all the generators. check-in: fae3542632 user: aku tags: doc-fixup-and-markdown
Added info about branches and version number incrementing. Tweaked install tooling notes. check-in: f6eb7e4e99 user: aku tags: doc-overhaul
Filled in test writing and install support sections of the devguide. check-in: 9e39cdbfe8 user: aku tags: doc-overhaul
Removed deprecated tag `strong`, replaced with `emph`. check-in: fec15b366e user: aku tags: doc-overhaul
Squashed deprecated `nl` tags, using `para` instead check-in: 4a95b1eebb user: aku tags: trunk
Initial revision of the communication guide check-in: a6761d78f6 user: aku tags: doc-overhaul
Fixed missing reference to the BSD/MIT license in the contributor and maintainer commitments. check-in: 46e243eef8 user: aku tags: doc-overhaul
Removed outdated `devdoc/cvs.branches.fig`. Removed `devdoc/README.releasemgr`. Replaced by `devdoc/`. TODO: Filling in the explanation of various tasks. Added `devdoc/`. Partially done. check-in: 205ddce17f user: aku tags: doc-overhaul
Squash very old (read: outdated) dev- and release guides. check-in: 7f953a0106 user: aku tags: doc-overhaul
Removed `devdoc/installation.txt`. Was a duplicate of `devdoc/dirlayout_install.txt`, thus superfluous. Reworked the installation instructions. Folded unix and windows into a single section based on the older `devdoc/INSTALL.txt`. This thus became superfluous, and was removed. check-in: 2e0a176af7 user: aku tags: doc-overhaul
Tweaked the `sak.tcl localdoc` command to match the change from `embedded/index.html` to `embedded/`. Added the first set of global documentation (license, how to get the sources, installation instructions). Extended `` and `embedded/` with references to the new documentation. Regenerated the documentation, embedded and for installation. check-in: 7a4994784a user: aku tags: doc-overhaul
Get updated package docs. check-in: a2ff90fa4e user: aku tags: doc-overhaul
Regenerated documentation. check-in: 08c384a6c3 user: aku tags: trunk
Added markdown replacement for main index. check-in: fd6e40a198 user: aku tags: doc-overhaul
Start overhaul of global docs (for the system, not packages). check-in: 4b85cfed9b user: aku tags: doc-overhaul
Integrated Andrew Mangogna's and Nathan Coulter's work on namespacex, with thanks. check-in: dc845d0c83 user: aku tags: trunk
namespacex - Fill in Extended testsuite to cover new commands `normalize` and `strip`. Extended testsuite to cover wrong#args for `import`. Fixed typo in documentation of `strip`. Split `strip` into public and internal forms, with the public form performing argument normalization and checking not required by the internal form (*), and documented for the public. (*) The internal form has only a minimal check asserting that the prefix namespace is given as an FQN. Closed-Leaf check-in: e993dd5c68 user: aku tags: gam-namespacex-improve
namespacex - Forward porting commit [ccd9433cb2abd51c] Part 2: Bug fix. Fixed the mishandling of relative namespace arguments if they are not refering to a child of the global namespace :: The bug fix is accepted as is from the original commit, with thanks to Pooryorick (Nathan Coulter). check-in: b9ccb9de72 user: aku tags: gam-namespacex-improve
namespacex - Forward porting commit [ccd9433cb2abd51c] Part 1: Tests. Extended the testsuite to demonstrate that the current command implementations mishandle relative namespace arguments if they are not refering to a child of the global namespace :: Note, the changes made here diverge totally from the changes made in the original commit. Explicitly added new tests to cover the mishandled cases, leaving the existing coverage intact. The original commit OTOH shifted the entire testsuite over to cover relative namespace names, retracting the coverage for fully-qualified namespace names. check-in: 022a85f807 user: aku tags: gam-namespacex-improve