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Artifact ID: e8007f4133afd1334179896451d6a436af1b9e9fe23b330bd77f1c462973fbf2
Ticket: fdf6afed946042195041780a5b6d30b88de12315
cache::async error when calling the clear method - Attached BugFix
User & Date: anonymous 2018-08-30 20:35:21

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    cache::async 0.3 has a critical bug. By running the following code

    ----------------------------- package require cache::async

    proc myDataFetcher args { }

    cache::async myDataProvider myDataFetcher myDataProvider clear KEY --------------------------------------------

    .. an error is raised

    errorInfo: can't read "arg": no such variable while executing "llength $arg" (procedure "::cache::async::Snit_methodclear" line 18) invoked from within "myDataProvider clear KEY"

    Fixing the bug only requires to correct "arg" in "args".

    I included a zip with all the updated files - async.tcl -- the main correction, and version changed to 0.3.1 - pkgIndex.tcl -- version changed from 0.3 to 0.3.1 - async.test -- added 2 testcases


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    cache::async error when calling the clear method - Attached BugFix

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