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Artifact ID: a2bfa3ee12bb46f309bf6783ac7416080ca42f3273c47a0131df128c7f68ef88
Ticket: c17f7019ecde4d1a441ec36dede4af2fd7f89d74
TEPAM Introduction Documentation - Markdown generation errors
User & Date: aku 2019-04-16 22:57:14

  1. Change closedate to "2458590.45641601"
  2. Change closer to "aku"
  3. Change icomment to:

    Ref 2: A missing flush of accumulated expander text in `example_end` caused the bracket to become part of the plain text after the example instead of being part of it.

    Ref 1: Fixed as envisioned

    Fixed with commit [f5786278a4].

    Version bump 1.5.5.

    Thank you for the report.

  4. Change login to "aku"
  5. Change mimetype to "text/x-fossil-wiki"
  6. Change resolution to "Fixed"
  7. Change status to "Closed"