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problem with yaml and huddle - conversion between both
User & Date: aku 2020-01-20 01:01:58

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    User "Steve Litt" showed up on the chat, and offered 3 pastes 5306 to 5308

    It turns out, that the yaml::huddle2yaml fails to convert back a huddle string that was created from yaml::yaml2huddle

    The huddle-string obtained from yaml was: HUDDLE {!!map {fname {!!str Steve} lname {!!str Litt}}} same for all checked versions(see below)

    but on converting back to yaml, the newer versions just prepended a line of three dashes to the huddle-string.

    Versions: tcllib1.17 yaml 0.3.7 huddle 0.1.5 worked tcllib1.18 yaml 0.3.9 huddle 0.2 failed tcllib1.19 yaml 0.4.1 huddle 0.3 failed

    Unfortunately huddle changed a big lot between 0.1.5 and 0.2 so I gave up trying to spot the problem from a side-to-side diff of the two huddle.tcl's.

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