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Ticket: 75d132cbb2e7b3389218f20110bdbea91f607158
uri split failure
User & Date: griffin 2020-01-23 15:26:38

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    uri::split <path> "file" fails on Windows when the <path> contains a drive letter:

    % uri::split C:/Users/fred/address.txt file scheme=C unknown scheme 'C' in 'C:/Users/fred/address.txt'

    In this case, the presence of the ':' is overriding the explicit choice of "file" for the scheme. This use to work in version 1.2.1, but that appears to have been by accident because a regexp ignored uppercase letters. A lowercase 'c' would fail the same way in the older release.

    I would think the explicit "file" parameter should override any guessing by the code.

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