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Artifact ID: 1e6b9df3892b8134a791444eaf66900b9ffe704e4eeae4cfb863f099b4fc3151
Ticket: 8fd2561785f5dcc7f7c88182c89812a0a27a4498
Fix oauth::query defaulting POST requests to GET
User & Date: aku 2019-04-16 23:30:05

  1. Change icomment to:

    Unclear how I missed the May 5, 2018 response. Deep apologies.

    Finally done the removal of the bogus \{ sequence.

    Looked over things a few times and I am wholly unclear why it was written with it. My best guess this late is that it was an accidental insertion I then missed, and then not thought about on the first "fix" (See [aec286d43d]).

    Done with with commit [a136e80afe].

    Version bump to 1.0.3.

    Thank you for your patience here. Hopefully this now truly done.

  2. Change login to "aku"
  3. Change mimetype to "text/x-fossil-wiki"