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History of sak.tcl

Removed a puts statement that was polluting sak calls file: [525a07ba97] check-in: [9e1d45577c] user: hypnotoad branch: hypnotoad, size: 64602
Fixed a moved command name in nettool's amalgamator Modified sak and the installer to understand when and how to reconsitute an amalgamated module file: [710492f060] check-in: [c717d32d7f] user: hypnotoad branch: hypnotoad, size: 64601
Added tool to remake the internal certs. Updated certs. Added xz to set of distribution tarballs. Metadate files updated. file: [cf405c338c] check-in: [d1e874b7e7] user: aku branch: tcllib-1-19-rc, size: 63122
Fix to sak.tcl to accommodate Tcl sources which could include lines like: if { [string range $line 0 14] != "package provide" } continue (As was the case in practcl.tcl) file: [bb529bb94e] check-in: [41be063903] user: hypnotoad branch: trunk, size: 62928
Ticket [14e3acd8d7] - Modified sak.tcl's "critcl" command to use an explicit cache directory, ".critcl" under the build directory (CWD), for building Tcllib's critcl parts. file: [176ad1bf6f] check-in: [fe05de3454] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 62696
Extended the sak benchmark controller to handle repeats and collation equivalent to tclbench (min, max, avg). file: [e3049b1d84] check-in: [c3580dd6c6] user: andreask branch: trunk, size: 62655
Modified sak's release command, don't modify the ChangeLogs anymore. file: [c597c4e205] check-in: [1e63edd954] user: aku branch: tcllib-1-16-rc, size: 61513
Modified sak release utility methods (review, readme) to pull the set of modified modules and commit messages directly out of the repository instead of scraping the ChangeLog. This is based on the presence of a tag "release" to stop the search. file: [3e35f81c6c] check-in: [251a312c0a] user: aku branch: tcllib-1-16-rc, size: 61482
Merged sak review helper command (for release manager). file: [be57b55c85] check-in: [309ead7ea9] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 62240
Removed sak commands vcompare, rstatus, and note. Completely replaced by "review" and "readme" now. Tweaked "review" help reorganization dropped clear+next next - now skips to next un-reviewed package step is old next, single-step. file: [b6ce7a800b] check-in: [a87b318066] user: aku branch: sak-work-review, size: 62217
Make the Swiss Army Knife (sak.tcl) prefer the Tcllib source modules in its directory tree to any others that may be known to the Tcl shell file: [bf3622ea59] check-in: [f537c38df0] user: TrevorD branch: bug-3601370-td, size: 66377
* sak.tcl (ipackages): Fixed bug (reuse of varname) which placed packages into the wrong module. file: [80e3bb35eb] check-in: [4e6d68772b] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 66354
* sak.tcl (xcopy): Fixed bug a preventing the detection of files in subdirectories; copied from the installer. file: [26c93b0169] check-in: [f7207976f9] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 66355
* modules/struct/queue_c.tcl: Disabled the critcl debug settings used * modules/pt/pt_rdengine_c.tcl: to work around bugs in critcl v2's * modules/pt/pt_parse_peg_c.tcl: handling of C companion files. * modules/pt/pt_cparam_config_critcl.tcl: * sak.tcl (__critcl): Fixed processing of -debug, added the forgotten handling of its argument. Plus added handling of option -target. * ./modules/sha1/sha256.h: Fixed the conditional definition of uint64_t and uint32_t for aix and hpux machines. file: [276fdf8fbb] check-in: [b33db732cc] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 65950
* sak.tcl: Trim dross of extracted version numbers. * support/devel/sak/note/cmd.tcl: Extended 'sak note' to accept * support/devel/sak/note/help.txt: a file of note data. file: [b2428d5fc8] check-in: [6bcd4f851b] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 65790
* sak.tcl (ppackages): Added code to recognize a pragma '@sak notprovided' which we can use to mark the packages which have provide statements yet are not really visible and thus not indexed. * modules/sha1/sha256c.tcl: Added notprovided pragmas to the * modules/sha1/sha1c.tcl: critcl based package implementations * modules/md5/md5c.tcl: and the pseudo-packages declared by * modules/struct/graph_c.tcl: plugin management code. * modules/struct/tree_c.tcl: * modules/struct/sets_c.tcl: * modules/dns/ipMoreC.tcl: * modules/md5crypt/md5cryptc.tcl: * modules/rc4/rc4c.tcl: * modules/crc/crcc.tcl: * modules/base64/base64c.tcl: * modules/md4/md4c.tcl: * modules/page/peg_grammar.tcl: * modules/page/pluginmgr.tcl: file: [d8169a37d6] check-in: [e84337e7dc] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 65754
* support/devel/sak/old/help.txt: Renamed old validation command. * sak.tcl: Renamed old validation command. * support/devel/sak/validate/cmd.tcl: New validation code, currently * support/devel/sak/validate/help.txt: only checking documentation. * support/devel/sak/validate/manpages.tcl: * support/devel/sak/validate/pkgIndex.tcl: * support/devel/sak/validate/topic.txt: * support/devel/sak/validate/validate.tcl: file: [fff91a7e2f] check-in: [c86534a6f8] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 65324
* sak.tcl: Added stronger check for 'package provided' command to 'ppackages'. Code in critcl.tcl generated for tcllibc slips past the less strong filters. file: [67d26ea274] check-in: [8aa085dcfb] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 65318
Added support for nagelfar ( to the syntax check options of sak.tcl. Fixed some inconsistency in sak.tcl when using tclchecker and validate vs. validate_all. file: [add780336d] check-in: [3aba50cc49] user: mic42 branch: trunk, size: 65203
* sak.tcl: Removed __test. Replaced with a single command * support/devel/sak/test: with an implementation found in the support tree. See below. * support/devel/sak/test/cmd.tcl: New. Implementation of 'test'. * support/devel/sak/test/help.txt: New. Help for 'test'. * support/devel/sak/test/topic.txt: New. Topic definition for 'test'. file: [4421332652] check-in: [5aecc0763c] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 63978
* sak.tcl: Removed __nroff and all other documentation commands. * support/devel/sak/old/help.txt: Replaced with a single command with an implementation found in the support tree. See below. * support/devel/sak/doc/cmd.tcl: New. Implementation of 'doc'. * support/devel/sak/doc/doc.tcl: New. Support package for 'doc'. * support/devel/sak/doc/pkgIndex.tcl: New. Index for support package. * support/devel/sak/doc/help.txt: New. Help for 'doc'. * support/devel/sak/doc/topic.txt: New. Topic definition for 'help'. * support/devel/sak/util/util.tcl: New. General support package, * support/devel/sak/util/pkgIndex.tcl: and index for it. file: [5cc1b60b26] check-in: [1e3614feb0] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 64374
* sak.tcl: Removed __help. Replaced with implementation found in the support tree. See below. * support/devel/sak/help/cmd.tcl: New. Implementation of 'help' * support/devel/sak/help/help.tcl: New. Support package for 'help'. * support/devel/sak/help/help.txt: New. Help for 'help'. * support/devel/sak/help/pkgIndex.tcl: New. Index for support package. * support/devel/sak/help/topic.txt: New. Topic definition for 'help'. * support/devel/sak/old/help.txt: New. Help for old commands. * support/devel/sak/old/topic.txt: New. Topic def. for old commands. file: [2a2576c113] check-in: [e08fc9bdaf] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 67186
* sak.tcl: Added code to locate command implementations in the support tree. This allows us to factor the commands out of the main script, making the internal structure of sak clearer (through the use of packages). file: [b85756e3ae] check-in: [fbb5157020] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 72686
* main.tcl: Moved, and new location * support/installation/main.tcl: of the file. * sak.tcl: Updated to the new location (has to be copied to the topdir now, when generating the starkit/pack distribution). file: [482e7f1bda] check-in: [d8c907659e] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 71866
* all.tcl: Moved, and new location * support/devel/all.tcl: of the file. Also updated to handle the new location of the distribution relative to all.tcl, to properly find the testsuites. * sak.tcl: Updated to the new location of all.tcl file: [0433e954f2] check-in: [7c08a17b00] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 71753
* package_rpm.tcl: Moved, and new location * support/releases/package_rpm.tcl: of the file. * package_yml.tcl: Moved, and new location * support/releases/package_yml.tcl: of the file. * package_tip55.tcl: Moved, and new location * support/releases/package_tip55.tcl: of the file. * sak.tcl: Updated to the new location of * installer.tcl: package_rpm.tcl, package_tip55.tcl, package_yml.tcl * package_version.tcl: Moved, and new location * support/installation/version.tcl: of the file. file: [816d10cc26] check-in: [1577e87635] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 71739
* install_action.tcl: Moved, and new location * support/installation/actions.tcl: of the file. * installed_modules.tcl: Moved, and new location * support/installation/modules.tcl: of the file. * sak.tcl: Updated to the new location of * installer.tcl: install_action.tcl, installed_modules.tcl. file: [e543a5eea4] check-in: [c50c96feb9] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 71675
* installed_modules.tcl: Registered new module 'nmea'. * PACKAGES: Moved. * support/releases/PACKAGES: New location of PACKAGES. * sak.tcl: Updated to the new location of PACKAGES. file: [6b17177b5c] check-in: [d232a484f6] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 71653
* sak.tcl: Extended to allow the specification of a module M as either M or modules/M. The latter is a path relative to the topdir and enables the entering of modules through tab-completion in the shell. file: [8a69071ee5] check-in: [393488c49d] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 71565
* bench_read.tcl: Rewrite the internal raw representation, use * bench.tcl: lists as array keys, easier to handle, no * bench_wcsv.tcl: splitting, and quoting is done automatically * bench_wtext.tcl: by Tcl itself. See [Tcllib SF Bug 1414159]. file: [5422204efc] check-in: [a94b4b2199] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 71271
* sak.tcl (gd-gen-tap): modified to strip non-version characters out of version numbers. file: [6460adbf7e] check-in: [b15309486b] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 71275
Removed the .timing files and all related functionality. This has been supreceded by the .bench files and associated facility for execution of performance benchmarks. Import of bugfix to graph serialization code. file: [c4e91db9d4] check-in: [ba99910dc2] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 70922
* sak.tcl (ppackages): Added hack to exclude the package @@ from the tap file. This is defined in template code in page/gen_peg_cpkg.tcl, i.e. a variable. file: [23d2436a4f] check-in: [8ac1c64a58] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 72805
* sak.tcl (bench_mod): Modified default interp to use in benchmarks from PATH to the interp executing SAK. file: [c961437ca6] check-in: [80de73889c] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 72466
* sak.tcl: Extended benchmark facility. New command for removal of columns from results. New option to explicitly specify a single interpreter to use. * bench.tcl (::bench::del): New command. Removal of a column from benchmark data. file: [03de1b22bc] check-in: [dd3aa8ef93] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 72225
* sak.tcl: More benchmarking functionality, showing benchmark data after the fact, implicit merging, and changing interp information around. Now we need only some functionality to show the data graphically, and possibly compute statistical information. file: [440b327a26] check-in: [b7ebe38ed6] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 70542
Added format information when writing results to a file, for easier type recognition and reading. Extended help for benchmark options. file: [1bfdb8c914] check-in: [60b2b116a1] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 67290
Extended help for benchmark options. Disabled the tree benchmark, not functional in its current state. Added benchmarks for the modules which had .timing code. file: [d36cc7e93f] check-in: [a20fb60642] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 67245
Disabled the tree benchmark, not functional in its current state. Added benchmarks for the modules which had .timing code. Added module containing benchmark support commands, extended SAK with benchmark functionality. Updated CVS version to distinguish from release. Import changes making the fileutil tests quieter, by Pat. Import typo fixes. Removed duplicate entries. file: [056ef295c8] check-in: [b777d51192] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 66518
* sak.tcl: Added support for passing parameters to critcl. v04 will support -debug and -clean and v034 supports -keep. file: [fe3cc0760f] check-in: [a12fbc28f5] user: patthoyts branch: trunk, size: 62287
* README-1.8.txt: New file. Readme file for the upcoming release. * sak.tcl (pkg-compare): Modified the core of the 'rstatus' functionality to sort by module, then package, and show the module name before the packages. Easier for use in new release README file. file: [1bf07a2cfa] check-in: [c8f78d4030] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 61799
* sak.tcl: Added a 'timing' subcommand to run *.timing scripts. file: [020d024bc4] check-in: [e95b769665] user: patthoyts branch: trunk, size: 61375
critcl fixes and extensions. Updated to newer version. file: [988b908624] check-in: [76e6de8a23] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 59601
Changed getpackage to fall back to a regular 'require' if there is no local implementation for the package. SAK is now independent of the bundle it is in, with an (undoc'd) API to the bundle specific information (package_FOO files). Added missing var imports. Fixed typo. Ditto the bundle specific critcl definitions. Moved bundle specific information for release cleanup into the package meta data, and made the cleanup code itself generic. Replaced lots of hardwired package names with appropriate variables. Changed API between package meta data file and SAK to a command-oriented style. Moved package meta data file to a package neutral file name. Moved package name/version variables over to package neutral names. Moved text templates for various types of generated meta files into separate files, made code using them more regular. file: [ab9c6ace95] check-in: [ec0ff78725] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 58965
Extended SAK to handle several versions of a single package better during validation and display. Regenerated the docstrip sources from the master, using SAKs docstrip/stitch code. Added new app 'tcldocstrip' and its documentation. Also added the stitch definition for docstrip itself, for regeneration via SAK. file: [7a3f04cb6f] check-in: [f3a3e0132d] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 60750
Added the forgotten documentation. Added code to SAK for the regeneration of sources of modules with master sources in docstrip format. Extraction of version info from provided packages extended with static analysis, and made more robust for packages importing definitions. Fixed buglet, missing var import. Package require fully internal, removed some superfluous definitions, extended help output. file: [b122d93265] check-in: [783a8d2029] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 58557
Fixed close/delete order in ppackages to work on Windows. file: [c5040b3f0a] check-in: [ef249fb2b0] user: patthoyts branch: trunk, size: 47432
Added code to the SAK which extracts package descriptions from the manpages (moddesc, titledesc, title, and require markup). Extended the tap generator to place such information into the generated file. file: [8135300485] check-in: [e70faa07b6] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 47438
Import sha1 v2, v1 rewritten, by Pat. file: [d5f235af72] check-in: [1e5ed36f66] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 42870
Added sha1c critcl module. file: [aca55c71ef] check-in: [3e482bb1d3] user: patthoyts branch: trunk, size: 42815
Merging imported ChangeLogs. Imported dns bugfix for [Tcllib SF Bug 1018934]. New example for htmlparse, by Pat. Removed old cruft used by tyhe testsuite in the very beginnings. Now two generations too old. Manual merge changelog. Removed old code for sub processes and programmed interactions. Testsuite rewritten to use the new facilities for programmed interaction and sub processes. New code for mgmt of subprocesses and serial interactions with servers and clients, i.e. the generation of fake servers and fake clients. Better hiding when Tk is used by the tests. Also more info about test environment (shell in use). Capitalized the USER and PASS commands. Now every command on the wire is fully capitalized. Bump version to differentiate CVS from release. file: [89d2faa309] check-in: [e1b87bc37e] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 42792
Scattered small fixes, mostly adding braces to unbraced expressions. Fixed problem with mismatched package names for the packages implementing the standard types. file: [476e9bb930] check-in: [8bdded4a62] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 42743
ChangeLog merge. Better alias as tree object command. Spelling police. Version of stack, queue bumped to 1.3. ChangeLog merge. Merging ChangeLog. queue: Updated dispatcher, object command generation. Sync'd to other classes. stack: Dispatcher update, sync'd command generation to other classes. Updated tests. Spelling police, and fix for SF Tcllib Bug 1005380. Import snit 0.96, return code bugfix. asn testsuite, extended to cover enums as well. Same extended encoder as for ints. Begun asn testsuite. Extended integer coder. Portable query of constraints. Constraint 'runtotal' to skip timeconsuming stuff. struct sets, fixed [Tcllib SF Bug 1002143]. Import Will, snit: bump to v0.95. This is an 1.0 rc. Struct graph bugfix for [SF Tcllib Bug 1003671]. Import Pat, smtp work: No authentication if there is no username. Textutil ChangeLog merge. Prevent downgraded version numbers in mime from contaminating the main line. Merging bugfix branch changelogs back into the mainline. ChangeLog and index merge. Import Pat's uri work: Fixed unquote, added tests from RFC 2324 to check quote/unquote. Import Pat's work, ntp, rdate: Improved error handling and SNTP support. Fix for Tcllib SF Bug 1000716. Import spf work by Pat. Made section references case-insensitive and allow explicit different label. Fixed x-version problem of the rc4 testsuite. Changed alignmwent of rows in index table to 'top'. Full overhaul of doctools related documentation. Typo fixes. Updated testsuite to changed error processing. Fixed x-version problem in location tracking. Used 8.4 specific code to determine number of lines to advance. Extended/updated testsuite. Import snit work, unchanged return codes. Updated test result to current error messages. Fixed missing object destructions uncovered by the new checks in snit to avoid overwriting of commands. Import snit work by Will: Revised error messages. Updated docs. New Introspection capabilities. Ability to const init array variables. New pragma -canreplace. Import snit doc update. Import snit changes, several: -configuremethod caching, -validatemethod, -readonly, pragma statement. Import snit work, caching of cget added. Import snit work, doc repair and clarity in code. Import snit work by Will, improved speed of method invokation. Full overhaul of the doctoc related documents. Removed small fry in the docidx section not seen before. Import of more snit changes. More snit changes, cgetmethod Import of more snit work by Will, new option syntax. More documentation overhaul. Doc overhaul for docidx engine api. Bugfix in handling of file mapping and generation of xref links. Import of work by Pat. Support for IPv6 added. Bugfix in generation of keyword index, reject duplicate entries. Import Pat's work, new package for ip addresses. Overhaul of doctools documentation. Bugfix in tracking plain text. Cascade changes to take advantage of the new location infromation provided by the expander. In general we modify the doc* processors to keep this information when showing errors. Polished the documentation. Extended expander to track the location it is at while proessing input (char position, line, and column). Polished the documentation a bit. Bugfix in xref code of html formatter. Extended xref search. Polished the documentation a bit. Polished the documentation a bit. Fixed bug in generation of cross references, forgot to add the referenced files to the map, caused them to not have the proper relative paths. Bugfixes in the new code for application install. Installation of applications in general added, and dtplite added in particular. Updated documentation, directory structure. Now complete. Import of snit doc updates for the latest changes. New dtplite application, supercedes 'mpexpand'. Engine param 'kwid', external map keyword -> anchor names. Better readability of generated html toc in a documented. Bugfix nroff postprocessing for tocs and indices. Extended 'division_start' with ref to a file we can link to (subordinate toc). More refactoring. Completed. Changelog merge. Import updates to stooop, by Jean-Luc Fontaine. Polishing math manpages. Polishing ident manpages. Import http updates by Pat. Polishing base64 manpages. Mare refactoring. Import of Will's snit work, more refactoring. Import refactoring work by Will. Import of snit changes into master line Import Will's snit work: delegate typemethod. New module: http (support). By Pat. Import. Changes to snit typemethod caching, by Will. Import of snit work by Will. Smtpd, perl ?! test client updated. Update of exponentials. Cleanup of ident protocol implementation. Added polynomials, rational functions, and special functions, also exponentials. Critcl implementation for uuid, by Pat. More work on the snit internals, by Will. See ChangeLog for details. Import snit changes, see ChangeLog for details. Will's work. Fixed Tcllib SF Bug 985601, polishing the documentation. Fixed [Tcllib SF Bug 988123], doc generation. Cleanup in loop when encountering a module without documentation. Corrected the package names. Changelog manual merge. Changelog entry to last math change. New module by Reinhard, ident file: [2d74a8e24f] check-in: [7baba46a07] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 42459
Cleanup of ident protocol implementation. Added polynomials, rational functions, and special functions, also exponentials. Critcl implementation for uuid, by Pat. More work on the snit internals, by Will. See ChangeLog for details. file: [fa3ee4a614] check-in: [40bd6e7d72] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 42459
* uuid.tcl: Added a critcl version for generating uuids on Win32. file: [cfb3b8b250] check-in: [f718d660ce] user: patthoyts branch: trunk, size: 42329
Fixed [Tcllib SF Bug 988123], doc generation. Cleanup in loop when encountering a module without documentation. file: [4d0562e2eb] check-in: [ebb0e45a8a] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 42307
Import Pat's work on rc4, a critcl-based implementation. file: [453bfa9ba7] check-in: [4f346734f7] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 42282
Added critcl implementation of RC4. file: [b61e4489ed] check-in: [5146acb884] user: patthoyts branch: trunk, size: 42152
Downgraded to version 1.3.6, removed -decode extension from this branch. Import of ftpd bugfix by Gerald Lester. Last commit was a bad update, caused duplicates of changes to appear. Failed testsuite. Removed all the duplicates now. Fixed SF Tcllib Bug 954328. Mime now adapts at runtime to whatever version of md5 has been loaded. Updated test for rewritten adjust which fixed the infinite looping demonstrated by tests 2.6 and 2.7. Also fixed a var usage typo which caused a copy of the input to appear in the output, before the expected formatted result. Fixed bug in the processing of multi-word section titles for text based formats. Fixed bug 951568, regarding the usage of Trf's generic transform. Fixed problems with jpeg recognition (was unable to detect a jpeg file, if it contained exif data). Changelog for last patch, and updates in related package. Completed application of code for various fixes. Rewritten text adjustment and hyphenation, fixing SF TCllib Bug 882402. Fixed SF Tcllib Bug 936064, and evals more robust. Fixed SF Tcllib Bug 893516 Fixed SF Tcllib Patch 763712 Fixed SF Tcllib Patch 758742 Fixed SF Tcllib Bug 620852 Eval usage made more robust and similar. Fixed SF Tcllib Bug 943146. Fixed SF Tcllib Bug 940651 SF Tcllib Bug 784519 fixed. Pat: sak.tcl update for better use of critcl. Joe: Fix in doctools xml support. Import bugfix by Pat Thoyts, Handling of data starting with hyphen/dash Import of uuencode changes by Jeff Hobbs. Changed defaults for package 'log'. No output for the all levels below 'error'. Unified the startup header of all applications, using suggestions made by Stuart Cassof <[email protected]>. Added testcase for Tcllib SF Bug 860753. The bug itself was already fixed for Tcllib 1.6. Fix for bug 899204. Test data file is opened read-only, and tests made independent of each other. Bugfix 899152, 899209. Require Tcl 8.2 for installer, delete file before writing over it. Import of time fix by Pat Thoyts, patch #905132. Cleanup fix: Snit depends on Tcl 8.4, this is documented, however neither package index, nor testsuite enforced the restriction, allowing for errors. This has been changed now. Fixed typos file: [6b423dac28] check-in: [68c5dd3dab] user: andreas_kupries branch: tcllib-1-6-branch, size: 42174
Rewrite usage of doctools in sak. Eliminated usage of mpexpand, using doctools directly instead. Ensuring that the local doctools code is used, not something installed. RFE 943145 followup, fixing a problem in the implementation of the 'namespace' command. Implemented subsection headings, RFE 772490. Converted snit documentation to use subsection headings. file: [16ad02a016] check-in: [3820e8bce9] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 42131
* sak.tcl: Some mods to the critcl build code for use under Windows. If it cannot find critcl.kit, then use env(CRITCL) for the location of the kit file. file: [60b3ff7807] check-in: [55c2b77f0e] user: patthoyts branch: trunk, size: 42164
* sak.tcl (release): Made functional, added the code which extends all the ChangeLogs with the release notice. (gd-assemble): Extended to exclude SCCS and BitKeeper files from the distribution. (gd-gen-packages): Fixed problem with missing global variable. * all.tcl: 'getErrorMessage' and 'tooManyMessage' renamed to 'wrongNumArgs' anfd 'tooManyArg'. Also placed the common constraints (checking Tcl version: 8.3 only, 8.3+, 8.4+) in here, and removed their declaration from all test files using them. * README-1.5.txt: Updated logger version info to 0.3. * Brought the version numbers back into sync * pkgIndex.tcl: with 'logger.tcl' file: [f453a8b1c9] check-in: [d5c6e6a60d] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 41397
* sak.tcl: Added a very primitive approval mechanism to suppress output from the package comparison in 'status'. Allows to work through a set of problems with repeated comparison, approving packages when done. * sak.tcl: Extended functionality for release engineering. Better comparison of current state against last release. Alerts for mismatches in version numbers of packages versus changes made to them. * PACKAGES: New file. Always carries the package information from the last release. Basis for the release status work above. Currently contains the 1.4 data. + Reviewed modules, updated version numbers. file: [960a7c2283] check-in: [76a0f9f023] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 40565
* Implemented Ed Suominen's sort methods, with * matrix.tcl: modifications to speed things up, and to have * matrix.test: a more standard API (-options). * Documented method links. * matrix.test: Updated test to cover for method links. * matrix.tcl: Changed the code to determine the list of available methods automatically for use in the error message when an unknown method is called. * matrix.test: * matrix.tcl: Namespaces of objects now standalone, and not inside of struct::matrix anymore. Arbitrary placement of objects is now possible, including nested namespaces. Cleanup of all references to instance variables. * matrix.tcl: Made the return of errors more regular. * matrix.tcl: Changed a number of eval calls to the more proper 'uplevel 1'. This means that an implementation of a method can now assume that it is called on the same stack level as the method itself. * matrix.tcl: Typo in comments fixed. * matrix.tcl (__set_rect): Fixed typos in var names causing the system to retain bogus cache data. file: [8402162ca1] check-in: [77fa019603] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 36097
* sak.tcl: Added -nonewline to a number of puts statements to work around a problem with Tcl 8.4 where additional ^M characters appear for Mac OS X. [Bug 784523]. file: [cc633303de] check-in: [9abdddc3b9] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 36097
* modules/md5crypt: New module: MD5-crypt implementation * installed_modules.tcl: Added new module. * sak.tcl: Added reference for critcl impl of md5crypt. file: [2f53574136] check-in: [ca6095401e] user: patthoyts branch: trunk, size: 36047
* sak.tcl: Added a command for generating a YAML description file. This is much like the TIP55 format but used for FreePAN. * sak.tcl: Altered the finding of critcl under Windows. file: [be8f406195] check-in: [675b9638f2] user: patthoyts branch: trunk, size: 36000
* sak.tcl: Updated rpm spec generator using the latest .spec by Jean-Luc as template. The spec now determiens the list of files on its own. Don't have to generate them. file: [04d8a7a1ad] check-in: [b0b7d173b7] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 34358
* sak.tcl (gd-gen-rpmspec): Added functions to generate a .spec file (RPM build specification). Added method 'rpmspec' to generate tcllib.spec. file: [f0a68590fa] check-in: [0c37d9e9cd] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 34310
* sak.tcl: added a critcl command to sak to build any critcl tcllib submodules into a tcllibc library (or separate libraries). file: [f9e24e75c7] check-in: [14ee31e2bd] user: patthoyts branch: trunk, size: 31820
* sak.tcl (modules_mod): Fixed incorrect check. Caused first module to be reported as bogus although it isn't. * resolv.tcl (::resolv::init): Added missing [expr] bracing. * exif.tcl (::exif::makerNote): Added missing logical operator to if condition for field 34. Procheck report. * fileutil.tcl (::fileutil::tempfile): Braced [expr]. * ncgi.tcl (import_file): Brace [expr]. file: [0dc3dd8b74] check-in: [a8b31454a5] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 29816
Fixes in tap generation. file: [6f36bcf1c4] check-in: [32491dbeca] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 29815
* tcllib_version.tcl: Updated to to distinguish the CVS from the official release. * install_action.tcl: * installer.tcl: * sak.tcl: Lots of changes to make a number of command module-ware. In the sense that they now work for individual modules and not only for all in one go. The most important is 'validate'. IOW, it is now possible to validate a single module, making this feature more convenient for a developer, as there is less noise in the output. This required more sharing of code with the installer. file: [590faf2c03] check-in: [96823ad766] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 29560
* sak.tcl: Added a contributors command to list the contributors to the library. This is also used when generating the TIP55 description file. Names are extracted from the ChangeLog files. file: [7a5b1b2096] check-in: [3ed01ee93e] user: patthoyts branch: trunk, size: 21575
* sak.tcl (gd-tip55): Bugfix, location of changeLog was not computed correctly. file: [65b2558ee8] check-in: [b211412f9e] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 20631
* README-1.4txt: New, overview of changes from 1.3 to 1.4. * installed_modules.tcl: Excluded 'calendar' form the list of installed modules/packages. Not yet ready. * sak.tcl (ppackages): Rewritten to use a sub-interpreter for retrieving package version information instead of regexes etc. Reverted all changes made to [package provide] commands on 2003-04-24, except for minor details, like the actual version numbers and typos. Fixes SF Tcllib FR #727694 file: [3fc37f1450] check-in: [bc1fac13c5] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 20605
Fix gendoc to work for any platform (that can exec). file: [844b240354] check-in: [385cd9f083] user: patthoyts branch: trunk, size: 20205
* sak.tcl: Various fixes to enable document generation under Windows. Gracefully avoid non-present archivers (tar or zip). Support for generating a TIP55 style metadata file (gentip55). Added a file mtime check to avoid unecessary document generation. file: [40f276a47f] check-in: [290236b899] user: patthoyts branch: trunk, size: 20204
* modules/base64/yencode.tcl: Modified the [package provide]'s * modules/base64/uuencode.tcl: of various packages to aid the * modules/crc/sum.tcl: automatic consistency checking at * modules/crc/cksum.tcl: the expense of slightly more * modules/crc/crc32.tcl: manual overhead for updating the * modules/crc/crc16.tcl: numbers. * modules/dns/dns.tcl: * modules/dns/resolv.tcl: Additionally cleanup of the found * modules/ftp/ftp.tcl: inconsistencies. * modules/ftp/ftp_geturl.tcl: * modules/pop3d/pop3d.tcl: * modules/pop3d/pop3d_udb.tcl: * modules/pop3d/pop3d_dbox.tcl: * modules/pop3d/ * modules/smtpd/smtpd.tcl: * modules/des/des.tcl: * modules/des/ * modules/ntp/time.tcl: * modules/md4/md4.tcl: * sak.tcl: Changed provide heuristics a bit, more robust against whitespace in various places. file: [7e55c9feb8] check-in: [723afeaec7] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 17795
* sak.tcl: New command 'provided' to list packages provided by tcl code. Extended the 'validate' command to compare the lists of provided and indexed packages. Note: A number of packages use variable in provide commands. These will show up as differences. They need higher attention to ensure version consistency. Modified some modules (calendar, exif, control, math) to reduce the number of reported false positives. file: [72505e8257] check-in: [df55d4979a] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 17733
* sak.tcl: Added 'vcompare' to compare the current list of packages against a list in a file. Marks new and unchanged packages for higher attention. Helper for release engineer. file: [b8f359d231] check-in: [c687a39bc7] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 15244
* (install): Merged the code for the partial install targets into one call for full normal install, and dropped the link between install and the partial install targets. * installed_modules.tcl: Moved the list of installed modules out * installer.tcl: of the installer proper into a separate * sak.tcl: file, so that the other tools have access to it too. Extended the SAK to check this information against the list of modules under development and print out all the discrepancies, i.e: modules which are not installed, or modules installed, but not existing. This is under 'validate'. file: [15452e5f65] check-in: [96ac8eca7b] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 13947
* sak.tcl: Restricted the list of modules to subdirectories of 'modules' which contain a package index (pkgIndex.tcl). Added the subcommand 'lmodules' listing all modules one per line. The existing subcommand 'modules' in contrast prints everything on a single line. Added the subcommand 'packages' listing the packages in tcllib and their versions, one per line. Added subcommand 'text' to generate documentation as plain text. file: [87ac76ac9b] check-in: [d21496b003] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 13136
* Switched over from the original build system * configure: to one where configure/Makefile are optional * and delegating all real work to 'sak.tcl'. * INSTALL.txt: Updated documentation, reduced configure macros. * aclocal.m4: * sak.tcl: * devdoc/releaseguide.html: file: [a4cb771aa5] check-in: [ef76a76dce] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 11863
* installer.tcl: Bug fixes in non-gui mode, added option to force cmdline mode. * sak.tcl: Added command to invoke the testsuite(s). file: [abeebfe47a] check-in: [00ca7d6416] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 11782
* installer.tcl: Added GUI. * main.tcl: New file, entrypoint for *kit, *pack, redirects to 'installer.tcl'. * sak.tcl: Helper tool for tcllib development (Generate distribution, various forms of documentation, check the bundle of packages for problems. file: [89bb0353f7] check-in: [2b2e3d89d2] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 11369 Added