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tcl::chan::facade - Facade channel

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package require Tcl 8.5 9
package require TclOO
package require logger
package require tcl::chan::core ?1.1?
package require tcl::chan::facade ?1.1?

::tcl::chan::facade chan


The tcl::chan::facade package provides a command creating facades to other channels. These are channels which own a single subordinate channel and delegate all operations to.

The main use for facades is the debugging of actions on a channel. While most of the information could be tracked by a virtual channel transformation it does not have access to the event-related operation, and furthermore they are only available in Tcl 8.6.

Therefore this channel, usable with Tcl 8.5, and having access to everything going on for a channel.

The intercepted actions on channel are logged through package logger.

Beyond that facades provide the following additional channel configuration options:

Of these only option -user is writable.


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concatenation channel, reflected channel, tip 219, virtual channel




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