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udpcluster - UDP Peer-to-Peer cluster

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package require Tcl 8.5 9
package require udpcluster ?0.3.4?
package require ip
package require nettool
package require comm
package require interp
package require dicttool
package require cron


This package is a lightweight alternative to Zeroconf. It utilizes UDP packets to populate a table of services provided by each node on a local network. Each participant broadcasts a key/value list in plain UTF-8 which lists what ports are open, and what protocols are expected on those ports. Developers are free to add any additional key/value pairs beyond those.

Using udpcluster.

For every service you wish to publish invoke:

cluster::publish echo@[cluster::macid] {port 10000 protocol echo}

To query what services are available on the local network:

set results [cluster::search PATTERN]
# And inside that result...
   port 10000
   protocol echo

To unpublish a service:

cluster::unpublish echo@[cluster::macid]

Results will Historical Notes:

This tool was originally known as nns::cluster, but as development progressed, it was clear that it wasn't interacting with any of the other facilities in NNS.

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