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tiff - TIFF reading, writing, and querying and manipulation of meta data

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package require Tcl 8.5 9
package require tiff ?0.2.1?

::tiff::isTIFF file
::tiff::byteOrder file
::tiff::numImages file
::tiff::dimensions file ?image?
::tiff::imageInfo file ?image?
::tiff::entries file ?image?
::tiff::getEntry file entry ?image?
::tiff::addEntry file entry ?image?
::tiff::deleteEntry file entry ?image?
::tiff::getImage file ?image?
::tiff::writeImage image file ?entry?
::tiff::nametotag names
::tiff::tagtoname tags
::tiff::debug file


This package provides commands to query, modify, read, and write TIFF images. TIFF stands for Tagged Image File Format and is a standard for lossless storage of photographical images and associated metadata. It is specified at

Multiple images may be stored in a single TIFF file. The ?image? options to the functions in this package are for accessing images other than the first. Data in a TIFF image is stored as a series of tags having a numerical value, which are represented in either a 4 digit hexadecimal format or a string name. For a reference on defined tags and their meanings see



The mapping of 4 digit tag names to string names uses the array ::tiff::tiff_tags. The reverse mapping uses the array ::tiff::tiff_sgat.


  1. Cannot write exif ifd

  2. Reading limited to uncompressed 8 bit rgb and 8 bit palletized images

  3. Writing limited to uncompressed 8 bit rgb

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