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switched - switch/option management.

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package require Tcl 8.5 9
package require switched ?2.2.2?

complete this
options this
set-__option__ this value


The switched class serves as base class for user classes with switch / option configuration procedures. It provides facilities for managing options through a simple interface.

For example:

set vehicle [new car -length 4.5 -width 2 -power 100 -fuel diesel]
puts "my car was running on [switched::cget $vehicle -fuel]"
switched::configure $vehicle -power 40 -fuel electricity
puts "but is now running on clean [switched::cget $vehicle -fuel]"

Of course, as you might have guessed, the car class is derived from the switched class. Let us see how it works:

class car {
    proc car {this args} switched {$args} {
        # car specific initialization code here
        switched::complete $this

The switched class constructor takes the optional configuration option / value pairs as parameters. The switched class layer then completely manages the switched options: it checks their validity, stores their values and provides a clean interface to the user layer configuration setting procedures.

The switched class members available to the programmer are:

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