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pop3d::udb - Simple user database for pop3d

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package require Tcl 8.5 9
package require pop3d::udb ?1.0.1?

::pop3d::udb::new ?dbName?
dbName option ?arg arg ...?
dbName destroy
dbName add user pwd storage
dbName remove user
dbName rename user newName
dbName lookup user
dbName exists user
dbName who
dbName save ?file?
dbName read file


The package pop3d::udb provides simple in memory databases which can be used in conjunction with the pop3 server core provided by the package pop3d. The databases will use the names of users as keys and associates passwords and storage references with them.

Objects created by this package can be directly used in the authentication callback of pop3 servers following the same interface as servers created by the package pop3d.

The command dbName may be used to invoke various operations on the database. It has the following general form:

The following commands are possible for database objects:

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