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oometa - oo::meta A data registry for classess

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oo::meta::info branchget ?key? ?...?
oo::meta::info branchset ?key...? key value
oo::meta::info dump class
oo::meta::info class is type ?args?
oo::meta::info class merge ?dict? ?dict? ?...?
oo::meta::info class rebuild
oo::meta::metadata class
oo::define meta
oo::class method meta
oo::object method meta
oo::object method meta cget ?field? ?...? field


The oo::meta package provides a data registry service for TclOO classes.


oo::class create animal {
  meta set biodata animal: 1
oo::class create mammal {
  superclass animal
  meta set biodata mammal: 1
oo::class create cat {
  superclass mammal
  meta set biodata diet: carnivore

cat create felix
puts [felix meta dump biodata]
> animal: 1 mammal: 1 diet: carnivore

felix meta set biodata likes: {birds mice}
puts [felix meta get biodata]
> animal: 1 mammal: 1 diet: carnivore likes: {bird mice}

# Modify a class
mammal meta set biodata metabolism: warm-blooded
puts [felix meta get biodata]
> animal: 1 mammal: 1 metabolism: warm-blooded diet: carnivore likes: {birds mice}

# Overwrite class info
felix meta set biodata mammal: yes
puts [felix meta get biodata]
> animal: 1 mammal: yes metabolism: warm-blooded diet: carnivore likes: {birds mice}


The concept behind oo::meta is that each class contributes a snippet of local data. When oo::meta::metadata is called, the system walks through the linear ancestry produced by oo::meta::ancestors, and recursively combines all of that local data for all of a class' ancestors into a single dict. Instances of oo::object can also combine class data with a local dict stored in the meta variable.


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