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math::trig - Trigonometric anf hyperbolic functions

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package require Tcl 8.5 9
package require math::trig 1.1

::math::trig::radian_reduced angle
::math::trig::degree_reduced angle
::math::trig::cosec angle
::math::trig::sec angle
::math::trig::cotan angle
::math::trig::acosec value
::math::trig::asec value
::math::trig::acotan value
::math::trig::cosech value
::math::trig::sech value
::math::trig::cotanh value
::math::trig::asinh value
::math::trig::acosh value
::math::trig::atanh value
::math::trig::acosech value
::math::trig::asech value
::math::trig::acotanh value
::math::trig::sind angle
::math::trig::cosd angle
::math::trig::tand angle
::math::trig::cosecd angle
::math::trig::secd angle
::math::trig::cotand angle


The math::trig package defines a set of trigonomic and hyperbolic functions and their inverses. In addition it defines versions of the trigonomic functions that take arguments in degrees instead of radians.

For easy use these functions may be imported into the tcl::mathfunc namespace, so that they can be used directly in the expr command.


The functions radian_reduced and degree_reduced return a reduced angle, in respectively radians and degrees, in the intervals [0, 2pi) and [0, 360):

The following trigonomic functions are defined in addition to the ones defined in the expr command:

For these functions also the inverses are defined:

The following hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions are defined:

The following versions of the common trigonometric functions and their inverses are defined:

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