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math::machineparameters - Compute double precision machine parameters.

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package require Tcl 8.5 9
package require snit
package require math::machineparameters 0.2

machineparameters create objectname ?options...?
objectname configure ?options...?
objectname cget opt
objectname destroy
objectname compute
objectname get key
objectname tostring
objectname print


The math::machineparameters package is the Tcl equivalent of the DLAMCH LAPACK function. In floating point systems, a floating point number is represented by

x = +/- d1 d2 ... dt basis^e

where digits satisfy

0 <= di <= basis - 1, i = 1, t

with the convention :

The compute method computes all machine parameters. Then, the get method can be used to get each parameter. The print method prints a report on standard output.


In the following example, one compute the parameters of a desktop under Linux with the following Tcl 8.4.19 properties :

% parray tcl_platform
tcl_platform(byteOrder) = littleEndian
tcl_platform(machine)   = i686
tcl_platform(os)        = Linux
tcl_platform(osVersion) = 2.6.24-19-generic
tcl_platform(platform)  = unix
tcl_platform(tip,268)   = 1
tcl_platform(tip,280)   = 1
tcl_platform(user)      = <username>
tcl_platform(wordSize)  = 4

The following example creates a machineparameters object, computes the properties and displays it.

set pp [machineparameters create %AUTO%]
$pp compute
$pp print
$pp destroy

This prints out :

Machine parameters
Epsilon : 1.11022302463e-16
Beta : 2
Rounding : proper
Mantissa : 53
Maximum exponent : 1024
Minimum exponent : -1021
Overflow threshold : 8.98846567431e+307
Underflow threshold : 2.22507385851e-308

That compares well with the results produced by Lapack 3.1.1 :

Epsilon                      =   1.11022302462515654E-016
Safe minimum                 =   2.22507385850720138E-308
Base                         =    2.0000000000000000
Precision                    =   2.22044604925031308E-016
Number of digits in mantissa =    53.000000000000000
Rounding mode                =   1.00000000000000000
Minimum exponent             =   -1021.0000000000000
Underflow threshold          =   2.22507385850720138E-308
Largest exponent             =    1024.0000000000000
Overflow threshold           =   1.79769313486231571E+308
Reciprocal of safe minimum   =   4.49423283715578977E+307

The following example creates a machineparameters object, computes the properties and gets the epsilon for the machine.

set pp [machineparameters create %AUTO%]
$pp compute
set eps [$pp get -epsilon]
$pp destroy




Bugs, Ideas, Feedback

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