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math::figurate - Evaluate figurate numbers

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package require Tcl 8.6 9
package require math::figurate 1.0

::math::figurate::sum_sequence n
::math::figurate::sum_squares n
::math::figurate::sum_cubes n
::math::figurate::sum_4th_power n
::math::figurate::sum_5th_power n
::math::figurate::sum_6th_power n
::math::figurate::sum_7th_power n
::math::figurate::sum_8th_power n
::math::figurate::sum_9th_power n
::math::figurate::sum_10th_power n
::math::figurate::sum_sequence_odd n
::math::figurate::sum_squares_odd n
::math::figurate::sum_cubes_odd n
::math::figurate::sum_4th_power_odd n
::math::figurate::sum_5th_power_odd n
::math::figurate::sum_6th_power_odd n
::math::figurate::sum_7th_power_odd n
::math::figurate::sum_8th_power_odd n
::math::figurate::sum_9th_power_odd n
::math::figurate::sum_10th_power_odd n
::math::figurate::oblong n
::math::figurate::pronic n
::math::figurate::triangular n
::math::figurate::square n
::math::figurate::cubic n
::math::figurate::biquadratic n
::math::figurate::centeredTriangular n
::math::figurate::centeredSquare n
::math::figurate::centeredPentagonal n
::math::figurate::centeredHexagonal n
::math::figurate::centeredCube n
::math::figurate::decagonal n
::math::figurate::heptagonal n
::math::figurate::hexagonal n
::math::figurate::octagonal n
::math::figurate::octahedral n
::math::figurate::pentagonal n
::math::figurate::squarePyramidral n
::math::figurate::tetrahedral n
::math::figurate::pentatope n


Sums of numbers that follow a particular pattern are called figurate numbers. A simple example is the sum of integers 1, 2, ... up to n. You can arrange 1, 1+2=3, 1+2+3=6, ... objects in a triangle, hence the name triangular numbers:

*  *
*  *  *
*  *  *  *

The math::figurate package consists of a collection of procedures to evaluate a wide variety of figurate numbers. While all formulae are straightforward, the details are sometimes puzzling. Note: The procedures consider arguments lower than zero as to mean "no objects to be counted" and therefore return 0.


The procedures can be arranged in a few categories: sums of integers raised to a particular power, sums of odd integers and general figurate numbers, for instance the pentagonal numbers.

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figurate numbers, mathematics