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jpeg - JPEG querying and manipulation of meta data

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package require Tcl 8.5 9
package require jpeg ?0.6?

::jpeg::isJPEG file
::jpeg::imageInfo file
::jpeg::dimensions file
::jpeg::getThumbnail file
::jpeg::getExif file ?section?
::jpeg::getExifFromChannel channel ?section?
::jpeg::formatExif keys
::jpeg::removeExif file
::jpeg::stripJPEG file
::jpeg::getComments file
::jpeg::addComment file text...
::jpeg::removeComments file
::jpeg::replaceComment file text
::jpeg::debug file
::jpeg::markers channel


This package provides commands to query and modify JPEG images. JPEG stands for Joint Photography Experts Group and is a standard for the lossy compression of photographical images. It is specified at LINK_HERE.



can only work with files cant write exif data gps exif data not parsed makernote data not yet implemented

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comment, exif, image, jfif, jpeg, thumbnail


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