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fileutil::magic::rt - Runtime core for file type recognition engines written in pure Tcl

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package require Tcl 8.5 9
package require fileutil::magic::rt ?2.0?

::fileutil::magic::rt::new chan named analyze
::fileutil::magic::rt::file_start name
::fileutil::magic::rt::emit msg
::fileutil::magic::rt::O where
::fileutil::magic::rt::R where
::fileutil::magic::rt::Nv type offset compinvert comp expected
::fileutil::magic::rt::N type offset testinvert compinvert mod mand comp expected
::fileutil::magic::rt::S type offset testinvert mod mand comp val
::fileutil::magic::rt::L newlevel
::fileutil::magic::rt::I offset it ioi ioo iir io
::fileutil::magic::rt::R offset
::fileutil::magic::rt::U fileindex name


This package provides the runtime core for file type recognition engines written in pure Tcl and is thus used by all other packages in this module such as fileutil::magic::filetype and the two compiler packages fileutil::magic::cgen and fileutil::magic::cfront.



All of the types above exit in an unsigned form as well. The type names are the same, with the character "u" added as prefix.

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file(1), fileutil, magic(5)


file recognition, file type, file utilities, mime, type


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