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doctools::idx::export::html - HTML export plugin

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package require Tcl 8.5 9
package require doctools::idx::export::html ?0.3?
package require doctools::text
package require doctools::html
package require doctools::html::cssdefaults

export serial configuration


This package implements the doctools keyword index export plugin for the generation of HTML markup.

This is an internal package of doctools, for use by the higher level management packages handling keyword indices, especially doctools::idx::export, the export manager.

Using it from a regular interpreter is possible, however only with contortions, and is not recommended. The proper way to use this functionality is through the package doctools::idx::export and the export manager objects it provides.


The API provided by this package satisfies the specification of the docidx export plugin API version 2.


The html export plugin recognizes the following configuration variables and changes its behaviour as they specify.