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tcllib_sources - Tcllib - How To Get The Sources

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Welcome to Tcllib, the Tcl Standard Library. Note that Tcllib is not a package itself. It is a collection of (semi-independent) Tcl packages that provide utility functions useful to a large collection of Tcl programmers.

The audience of this document is anyone wishing to either have just a look at Tcllib's source code, or build the packages, or to extend and modify them.

For builders and developers we additionally provide

  1. Tcllib - The Installer's Guide.

  2. Tcllib - The Developer's Guide.


Source Location

The official repository for Tcllib is found at This repository is managed by the Fossil SCM.

Get archives for head and releases

This is done easiest by going to the official repository and following the links in the Releases section at the top, immediately underneath the entry field for searching the package documentation.

Retrieval of arbitrary commits

For anything beyond head state and releases the process is a bit more involved.

If the commit id (commit hash) ((ID)) of the revision of interest is already known then links to the desired archives can be constructed using the forms below:

Note that branch names can be used for the ((ID)) also, this returns archives containing the head revision of the named branch.

The part of of the url after the ((ID)) is the name of the file to return and can be modified to suit.

Without a known commit id the process is longer again:

  1. Go to the official repository.

  2. Find the login link/button in the top right corner of the page.

  3. Log in as "anonymous", using the semi-random password in the captcha.

  4. Go to the "Timeline" following the link/button in the middle of the nav bar.

  5. Choose the revision you wish to have.

  6. Follow its link to its detailed information page.

  7. On that page, choose either the "ZIP" or "Tarball" link to get a copy of this revision in the format of your choice.

Source Code Management

The sources are managed with the Fossil SCM. Binaries for popular platforms can be found directly at its download page.

With that tool available the full history can be retrieved via:

fossil clone  tcllib.fossil

followed by

mkdir tcllib
cd tcllib
fossil open ../tcllib.fossil

to get a checkout of the head of the trunk.