Tcl Library Source Code

Bounty program for improvements to Tcl and certain Tcl packages.
7 new packages in 6 modules
52 changed packages in 35 modules
15 internally changed packages in 10 modules
359 unchanged packages in 105 modules
443 packages, total in 130 modules, total


Change Details Comments
Major API incompatible API changes
Minor EF Extended functionality, API
I Major rewrite, but no API change
Patch B Bug fixes
EX New examples
P Performance enhancement
None T Testsuite changes
D Documentation updates

New in Tcllib 1.19

Module Package New Version Comments
defer defer 1
math math::PCA 1.0
practcl practcl 0.11
pt pt::rde::nx
pt::tclparam::configuration::nx 1.0.1
tool-ui tool-ui 0.2.1
udpcluster udpcluster 0.3.3

Changes from Tcllib 1.18 to 1.19

Module Package From 1.18 To 1.19 Comments
coroutine coroutine 1.1.3 1.2 B D EF
crc crc16 1.1.2 1.1.3 B D
cron cron 1.2.1 2.1 API B D EF T
dicttool dicttool 1.0 1.1 D EF
dns dns 1.3.5 1.4.0 D EF T
ip 1.3 1.4 B D T
doctools doctools 1.4.19 1.4.21 B D T
doctools::idx 1.0.5 1.0.7 B D T
doctools::toc 1.1.4 1.1.6 B D T
doctools2idx doctools::idx::export 0.1 0.2 B
doctools::idx::import 0.1 0.2 B
doctools2toc doctools::toc::export 0.1 0.2 B
doctools::toc::import 0.1 0.2 B
fileutil fileutil 1.15 1.16 B T
fileutil::decode 0.2 0.2.1 B
fumagic fileutil::magic::cfront 1.0 1.2.0 B D EF T
fileutil::magic::cgen 1.0 1.2.0 D EF T
fileutil::magic::filetype 1.0.2 2.0 API D EF T
fileutil::magic::rt 1.0 2.0 API D EF T
http autoproxy 1.5.3 1.6 D EF T
httpd httpd 4.0 4.1.1 B EF I T
httpd::content 4.0 Removed
scgi::app 0.1 Removed
inifile ini 0.3 0.3.1 B D
json json 1.3.3 1.3.4 B D T
ldap ldap 1.8 1.9.2 B D T
ldapx 1.0 1.1 B D T
markdown Markdown 1.0 1.1 D EF T
math math::calculus 0.8.1 0.8.2 B T
math::exact 1.0 1.0.1 B D T
math::geometry 1.1.3 1.2.3 B D EF I T
math::interpolate 1.1 1.1.1 B T
math::linearalgebra 1.1.5 1.1.6 B T
math::numtheory 1.0 1.1 D EF T
math::statistics 1.0 1.1.1 B D EF T
md4 md4 1.0.6 1.0.7 B D
nettool nettool 0.5.1 0.5.2 B I
oauth oauth 1 1.0.1 B D
oodialect oo::dialect 0.3 0.3.3 B I T
oometa oo::meta 0.4.1 0.7.1 B EF T
oo::option 0.3 0.3.1 B
pki pki 0.6 0.10 B D EF T
processman odie::processman 0.3 0.5 EF
processman 0.3 0.5 B EF
pt pt::pgen 1.0.3 1.1 EF
rest rest 1.0.2 1.3.1 D EF I
struct struct::graph 1.2.1 1.2.1 B D T
struct::graph 2.4 2.4.1 B D T
tar tar 0.10 0.11 B D T
tepam tepam 0.5 0.5.2 B D T
textutil textutil::split 0.7 0.8 B D T
tool tool 0.5 0.7 B D EF T
units units 2.1.1 2.2.1 B EF T
uri uri 1.2.6 1.2.7 B D T
uuid uuid 1.0.5 1.0.6 B
valtype valtype::iban 1.5 1.7 D EF T
virtchannel_base tcl::chan::memchan 1.0.3 1.0.4 B D T
tcl::chan::string 1.0.2 1.0.3 B D T
tcl::chan::variable 1.0.3 1.0.4 B D T
websocket websocket 1.4 1.4.1 B
yaml huddle 0.2 0.3 B D T
yaml 0.3.9 0.4.1 B D EF T
zip zipfile::decode 0.7 0.7.1 D T

Invisible changes (documentation, testsuites)

Module Package From 1.18 To 1.19 Comments
bee bee 0.1 0.1 D
comm comm T
des tclDES 1.0.0 1.0.0 D
tclDESjr 1.0.0 1.0.0 D
docstrip docstrip::util 1.3.1 1.3.1 D
doctools2idx doctools::idx 2 2 ---
doctools2toc doctools::toc 2 2 ---
math math::bigfloat 1.2.2 1.2.2 T
math::bigfloat 2.0.2 2.0.2 T
math::decimal 1.0.3 1.0.3 D T
math::special 0.3.0 0.3.0 T
md5 md5 1.4.4 1.4.4 T
md5 2.0.7 2.0.7 T
pop3 pop3 1.9 1.9 T
pt pt::rde::oo 1.1 1.1 I
try throw 1 1 D
try 1 1 D
virtchannel_base tcl::chan::fifo 1 1 D
tcl::chan::fifo2 1 1 D


aes, ascii85, asn, base32, base32::core, base32::hex, base64,
bench, bench::in, bench::out::csv, bench::out::text, bibtex,
blowfish, cache::async, calendar, char, cksum, clock::iso8601,
clock::rfc2822, cmdline, configuration, control,
coroutine::auto, counter, crc32, csv, debug, debug::caller,
debug::heartbeat, debug::timestamp, des, docstrip,
doctools::changelog, doctools::config, doctools::cvs,
doctools::html, doctools::html::cssdefaults,
doctools::idx::export::html, doctools::idx::export::json,
doctools::idx::export::nroff, doctools::idx::export::text,
doctools::idx::import::docidx, doctools::idx::import::json,
doctools::idx::parse, doctools::idx::structure,
doctools::msgcat, doctools::msgcat::idx::c,
doctools::msgcat::idx::de, doctools::msgcat::idx::en,
doctools::msgcat::idx::fr, doctools::msgcat::toc::c,
doctools::msgcat::toc::de, doctools::msgcat::toc::en,
doctools::msgcat::toc::fr, doctools::nroff::man_macros,
doctools::paths, doctools::tcl::parse, doctools::text,
doctools::toc::export::html, doctools::toc::export::json,
doctools::toc::export::nroff, doctools::toc::export::text,
doctools::toc::import::doctoc, doctools::toc::import::json,
doctools::toc::parse, doctools::toc::structure, dtplite, exif,
fileutil::multi, fileutil::multi::op, fileutil::traverse, ftp,
ftp::geturl, ftpd, generator, gpx, grammar::aycock,
grammar::aycock::debug, grammar::aycock::runtime, grammar::fa,
grammar::fa::dacceptor, grammar::fa::dexec, grammar::fa::op,
grammar::me::cpu, grammar::me::cpu::core,
grammar::me::cpu::gasm, grammar::me::tcl, grammar::me::util,
grammar::peg, grammar::peg::interp, hook, html, htmlparse,
http::wget, http::wget, huddle::json, ident, imap4,
interp, interp::delegate::method, interp::delegate::proc, irc,
javascript, jpeg, json::write, lambda, log, logger,
logger::appender, logger::utils, map::geocode::nominatim,
map::slippy, map::slippy::cache, map::slippy::fetcher, mapproj,
math, math::bignum, math::calculus::symdiff,
math::complexnumbers, math::constants,
math::fourier, math::fuzzy, math::machineparameters,
math::optimize, math::polynomials, math::rationalfunctions,
math::roman, md5crypt, mime, multiplexer, nameserv,
nameserv::auto, nameserv::common, nameserv::server, namespacex,
ncgi, nmea, nntp, oo::util, otp,
page::analysis::peg::emodes, page::analysis::peg::minimize,
page::analysis::peg::reachable, page::analysis::peg::realizable,
page::compiler::peg::mecpu, page::config::peg,
page::gen::peg::canon, page::gen::peg::cpkg, page::gen::peg::hb,
page::gen::peg::me, page::gen::peg::mecpu, page::gen::peg::ser,
page::gen::tree::text, page::parse::lemon, page::parse::peg,
page::parse::peghb, page::parse::pegser, page::pluginmgr,
page::reader::hb, page::reader::lemon, page::reader::peg,
page::reader::ser, page::reader::treeser,
page::transform::mecpu, page::transform::reachable,
page::transform::realizable, page::util::flow,
page::util::norm::lemon, page::util::norm::peg, page::util::peg,
page::util::quote, page::writer::hb, page::writer::identity,
page::writer::me, page::writer::mecpu, page::writer::null,
page::writer::peg, page::writer::ser, page::writer::tpc,
page::writer::tree, paths, picoirc, pluginmgr, png, pop3d,
pop3d::dbox, pop3d::udb, profiler, pt::ast,
pt::cparam::configuration::tea, pt::parse::peg, pt::pe,
pt::pe::op, pt::peg, pt::peg::container,
pt::peg::container::peg, pt::peg::export,
pt::peg::export::container, pt::peg::export::json,
pt::peg::export::peg, pt::peg::from::json, pt::peg::from::peg,
pt::peg::import, pt::peg::import::json, pt::peg::import::peg,
pt::peg::interp, pt::peg::op, pt::peg::to::container,
pt::peg::to::cparam, pt::peg::to::json, pt::peg::to::param,
pt::peg::to::peg, pt::peg::to::tclparam, pt::rde,
pt::tclparam::configuration::tcloo, pt::util, rc4, rcs, report,
resolv, ripemd128, ripemd160, S3, SASL, SASL::NTLM, SASL::SCRAM,
SASL::XGoogleToken, sha1, sha256, simulation::annealing,
simulation::montecarlo, simulation::random, smtp, smtpd, snit,
soundex, spf, stooop, string::token, string::token::shell,
stringprep, stringprep::data, struct, struct::disjointset,
struct::graph::op, struct::list, struct::matrix, struct::pool,
struct::prioqueue, struct::queue, struct::record, struct::set,
struct::skiplist, struct::stack, struct::tree, sum, switched,
tcl::chan::cat, tcl::chan::core, tcl::chan::events,
tcl::chan::facade, tcl::chan::halfpipe, tcl::chan::null,
tcl::chan::nullzero, tcl::chan::random, tcl::chan::std,
tcl::chan::textwindow, tcl::chan::zero, tcl::randomseed,
tcl::transform::adler32, tcl::transform::base64,
tcl::transform::core, tcl::transform::counter,
tcl::transform::crc32, tcl::transform::hex,
tcl::transform::identity, tcl::transform::limitsize,
tcl::transform::observe, tcl::transform::otp,
tcl::transform::rot, tcl::transform::spacer,
tcl::transform::zlib, tepam::doc_gen, term, term::ansi::code,
term::ansi::code::attr, term::ansi::code::ctrl,
term::ansi::code::macros, term::ansi::ctrl::unix,
term::ansi::send, term::interact::menu, term::interact::pager,
term::receive, term::receive::bind, term::send, text::write,
textutil, textutil::adjust, textutil::expander,
textutil::repeat, textutil::string, textutil::tabify,
textutil::trim, tie, tie::std::array, tie::std::dsource,
tie::std::file, tie::std::growfile, tie::std::log,
tie::std::rarray, tiff, time, tool::datatype, transfer::connect,
transfer::copy, transfer::copy::queue,
transfer::data::destination, transfer::data::source,
transfer::receiver, transfer::transmitter, treeql, uevent,
uevent::onidle, unicode, unicode::data, uri::urn, uuencode,
valtype::common, valtype::creditcard::amex,
valtype::creditcard::discover, valtype::creditcard::mastercard,
valtype::creditcard::visa, valtype::gs1::ean13, valtype::imei,
valtype::isbn, valtype::luhn, valtype::luhn5, valtype::usnpi,
valtype::verhoeff, wip, xsxp, yencode, zipfile::encode,