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:warning: This repository is mirrored to github.

We are not tracking issues at github. With the exeception of the maintainer of the mirroring setup nobody will even see issues created at github.

Please use the official ticket tracker instead.


Welcome to Tcllib, the Tcl Standard Library. Note that Tcllib is not a package itself. It is a collection of (semi-independent) Tcl packages that provide utility functions useful to a large collection of Tcl programmers.

At our home site you will find the official fossil repository used to manage our sources, together with the bug tracker. This is also the main location for releases to download from.

We have a secondary download location where the Tcllib sources were hosted in the past. SourceForge is also where our mailing lists are (still) hosted.

Another location to find these sources at is the github mirror.

Please note the :warning: at the top.

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