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Comment:math::quasirandom - Fix testsuite setup - Requirements are 8.5+OO
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SHA3-256: d898baf8e53c3472ec89fdf4d385692986d2eb24f1d515c28f22bc7a1e501c16
User & Date: aku 2019-05-06 01:49:55
sha1: sha1, sha256 Bugfixes - (original commit, and now) Version bump. sha256 1.0.4 sha1 2.0.4 Fixed testsuite issues introduced by commit [aa67a2cdc0]. The switch from `rename` to `interp alias` to activate an implementation was not compensated for in the code doing the deactivation just a few lines higher. check-in: 885b50ec5e user: aku tags: trunk
math::quasirandom - Fix testsuite setup - Requirements are 8.5+OO check-in: d898baf8e5 user: aku tags: trunk
Make sha module compatible with channels that issue only one event each time the end of the channel is reached. check-in: aa67a2cdc0 user: pooryorick tags: trunk
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