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Ticket change [6a8464b48c] - Closed ticket [f61f2e83a30d152d|f61f2e83a3]: <i>no instructions for building tcllibc</i> plus 6 other changes by aku 2019-05-07 22:58:29.
D 2019-05-07T22:58:29.516
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J closer aku
J icomment Commit\s[6612c2b8a881d7dd]\sbrings\sthe\sdocumentation\swork\sinto\strunk,\smaking\sit\sofficial.\r\n\r\nWith\srespect\sto\sthis\sticket,\snow\ssee\sSection\s<a\shref="">Critcl\s&\sAccelerators</a>\r\nof\sthe\sInstallation\sGuide.
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