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Artifact 7e9e1069525e8f1b9c6bcc60e031281c70b218aac92a1d08f75b2a4709fa9d0e:

Ticket change [7e9e106952] - Closed ticket [1992824fff]: Tip 312 plus 9 other changes by dkf 2019-04-14 15:50:45.
D 2019-04-14T15:50:45.152
J assignee aku
J closedate 2458588.16024481
J closer dkf
J comment The\sattached\sdiff\sfile\swork\sagainst\stcl\s8.5.2.
J icomment Will\sform\spart\sof\s8.7
J login dkf
J mimetype text/html
J resolution Accepted
J severity Minor
J status Closed
K 1992824fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
U dkf
Z ceac4a15e3cb16f105e123f03f096610