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Artifact ID: 7e9e1069525e8f1b9c6bcc60e031281c70b218aac92a1d08f75b2a4709fa9d0e
Ticket: 1992824fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Tip 312
User & Date: dkf 2019-04-14 15:50:45

  1. Change assignee to "aku"
  2. Change closedate to "2458588.16024481"
  3. Change closer to "dkf"
  4. Change comment to "The attached diff file work against tcl 8.5.2."
  5. Change icomment to "Will form part of 8.7"
  6. Change login to "dkf"
  7. Change mimetype to "text/html"
  8. Change resolution to "Accepted"
  9. Change severity to "Minor"
  10. Change status to "Closed"