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Bumped project to version 1.1. * Extended the [package mustache::frame] package to support the TclYAML version 0.5 tags for `bool`, `float`, `int`, `null`, and `string`. The pre-existing tag `scalar` is now an alias for `string`. This extension of the type system makes it easier to use mustache's data frames as an in-memory representation for structured typed data. No automatic loss of type data inside of Tcl scripts now. * Extended the data frames provided by package `mustache::frame` with methods for walking a frame tree in general, and simplifying the conversion back into external serialization formats. * Extended the sequence and mapping data frames provided by package `mustache::frame` with methods (`for`) for iteration over the content, without a context. * Added packages for the conversion of a data frame (tree) into various serializations: - `mustache::frame::as::events` - Serialization into a list of events describing the incremental build of the tree. - `mustache::frame::as::json` - Serialization into whitespace-free JSON. - `mustache::frame::as::tagged` - Serialization into the kind of tagged structure accepted by TclYAML's `writeTags` command. Updated documentation. Regenerated the dependent files. check-in: 5a38048d14 user: aku tags: trunk, v1.1