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lspace - A personal digital library framework

It is a simple thing right now:

It provides:

  • Storage of files of any kind into an sqlite database, keyed by the SHA256 hash of their contents.

    This automatically deduplicates identical files.

  • User- and application-specified tagging of the stored files.

  • Searching for files by tags (presence, values).

That is it.


See the glossary

Command line help

Overall help (names, purpose)

# lspace help

Help for a specific command (detailed syntax, options, ...)

# lspace <cmd>... --help

See also the command list

Further see the supporting applications

Q & A

See the FAQ

Use cases

Intended use cases at the beginning of the project:

  • Store my email, have the store searchable.

    • Email "Folders" become labels on the mail.
    • Mail headers are used for tags, again for searching.

    Issue here: No free-form content search however. (Yet?)

  • Store my photos, searchable again

    • Exif data expressed as tags.
    • Manual tagging for content (subject(s), location(s), ...)

    Issue here: My pictures take about 400G. (Stored in Timeline/y/m/d hierarchy, i.e. no duplicates). This will be a very big sqlite database. Maybe only use it as index, and keep the files in the filesystem ?


See the tickets


See the schema.