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50 most recent check-ins

feat: wolf-jolion thresholding (sauvola variant) beware: not tested Leaf check-in: 0d0b1d9bf8 user: aku tags: trunk
feat: wiener filter. beware: not tested. check-in: 70bd48f61c user: aku tags: trunk
fixup: followup to [a1291b6a4f]. update internal comments to match code changes. check-in: d32517de18 user: aku tags: trunk
chore: tweaked main file wrt debugging - default off for everything feat: support options in tools/re (f.e: redirect install locations) feat: show executable, script for tial operation. feat: activate memory validation where possible, for trialing. fix: typo in perf output check-in: 06c8e1d858 user: aku tags: trunk
chore: extended/modified tracing in netpbm, context, tracked memory, and vector cache. check-in: 37952b3fb7 user: aku tags: trunk
fix: context handling by region. region recording itself in context has to remove itself too. note: old code left first region of DAG in context, leaking the hash entry. check-in: 887dc7774d user: aku tags: trunk
fix: mishandling of eof when reading text uint. fail only if we have not seen an actual number. note: old code left the last value of text P*M data undefined. check-in: 7d7330c592 user: aku tags: trunk
fix: size of vectors for netbpm vector cache. include depth. note: old code smashed memory when reading PPM data. check-in: 362caf1989 user: aku tags: trunk
fix: left-over reference to removed argument. check-in: efc5bb45e5 user: aku tags: trunk
fix: properly separate laplace from sharpening kernels. note: sharpening is laplace + original image check-in: a1291b6a4f user: aku tags: trunk
feat: new operators computing an otsu threshold across the axes, plus tests. feat: added otsu to the set of global and local thresholding/mask operators, plus tests. fix: description of global phansalkar threshold. check-in: 2f08441b1d user: aku tags: trunk
feat: added mean threshold operator, local/adaptive, plus tests feat: added set of global thresholding operators, plus tests. check-in: 9c4ac2ca18 user: aku tags: trunk
feat: row histogram operator reworked to use caches. chore: proper shared cache histogram fill function and context. check-in: f8144f67c5 user: aku tags: trunk
tweak: debug texts, argument name check-in: 21ac8aca6d user: aku tags: trunk
chore: moved the remaining shared csum support out of the op spec into op/opsum.*. feat: implemented the band csum operator, plus tests. note: image csum defered, needs more thought check-in: 8bb564a4d4 user: aku tags: trunk
chore: extracted csum core into function. chore: reworked the extant csum operators to share filler function and context structure. check-in: 12e724ae25 user: aku tags: trunk
feat: new operators for cumulative sums (row, column). both cached. plus tests. note: cumulative sum of image is `Sum Area Table` todo: extract the core cumulation loop into shareable function. todo: implement band and image variants check-in: 0e3f2b1b48 user: aku tags: trunk
fix: missing undefs tweak: internal test docs check-in: 56de2ae045 user: aku tags: trunk
chore: cleanup templating of the histogram operators, i.e. remove leftovers, inline constant pieces, ... fix: re-add multi-band ability into the new column histogram operator note: this is now back to the capabilities of said operator before caching was added chore: extended tests later: rework row histograms to use caching as well - good when selecting parts, multiple times check-in: 0f46daf49f user: aku tags: trunk
tweak: redone the veccache. note: detached from global cache. note: using tracked allocations. note: locking only on vector creation, after RO immutable data accessible without. chore: updated netpbm text reader to changed API of veccache. check-in: 3ce9614a05 user: aku tags: trunk
chore: switched column histogram operator to changed API of iveccache. note: implied by the perf data from the previous commit. fix: removed the leftover cache lock from iveccache. check-in: c42fb4f0db user: aku tags: trunk
feat: new functions to track memory allocations tweak: redone and simplified the iveccache. note: detached from global cache. note: using tracked allocations. note: locking only on vector creation, after RO immutable data accessible without. perf: ~66% over baseline, ~44% over previous cache check-in: 19c84bb373 user: aku tags: trunk
chore: research into the [libvips](https://github.com/libvips/libvips) caching system. note: much less fine grained - tracks operations in a cache, not the individual memory blocks note: memory usage is tracked through (serializing) wrappers around the system malloc/free note: ops cache has a single lock note: caching of tiles is separate, linked to specific operation, using locks & conditions todo: implement memory tracking through wrappers todo: rework the iveccache, disconnect from the global cache code todo: rework the veccache, disconnect from the global cache code todo: rework the global cache into an ops cache note: do this on a branch first check-in: 87e78b7ae6 user: aku tags: trunk
chore: place timing code around the locks and critical sections chore: tool to process the results fix: a missing critical section check-in: 5aa01543bb user: aku tags: trunk
feat: vector cache for independent vectors. feat: re-implemented column histgoram using this cache to keep column histograms. note: updated the perf document. note: we get a boost, although feels like it is not nowhere near the limit of the possible. note: suspecting lock contention on the various cache structures. note: there is complexity in havign to handle cache evictions. note: without that much would be read-only immutable data not needing locks. note: currently paying price despite no actual evictions expected. check-in: 525e406dd3 user: aku tags: trunk
fix: typos in dsl docs, cleanup of old stuff feat: documented the new `support` command (renamed from `supporting`) fix: support command backend, prevent multiple definitions of the same code check-in: a8f2dc06a6 user: aku tags: trunk
feat: new dsl command providing supporting C code fragments to an operator check-in: 2d8277e67f user: aku tags: trunk
fix: comment typos tweak: internal docs check-in: 505a982287 user: aku tags: trunk
perf: Added performance report on `column histogram` ops. check-in: d014f9b59c user: aku tags: trunk
feat: convenience operators `2file` for NETPBM and AKTIVE, encapsulating 2chan for direct writing into a file note: untested invisible: gathering performance data for the `column histogram` operator under the available scan modes, and varying input heights check-in: 985162cf2b user: aku tags: trunk
feat: support netpbm text format for reading, plus tests note: uses a vector cache for image rows to ensure row-sequential access regardless of queried regions check-in: 97287e6cf2 user: aku tags: trunk
feat: vector cache on top of the global cache note: vectors, i.e image rows or columns check-in: 1cc806cbd0 user: aku tags: trunk
feat: global cache of unstructured double arrays note: no users yet check-in: 18a4568f1f user: aku tags: trunk
comment tweaks check-in: 6b92b6b62c user: aku tags: trunk
refactor: trial base plot/photo/toplevel support. result enables multiple elements in a single toplevel. check-in: 9e026b562f user: aku tags: trunk
feat: new `take (along) x|y|z (axis) operators extract specific rows, bands, columns under the control of an index input. plus tests. note: argmin/max results are suitable indices. feat: new non-linear kuwahara filter operator, plus tests. note: implemented through a combination of convolution, argmin, and take operations. check-in: 663c8c17a4 user: aku tags: trunk
fix: mishandling of input translation in `montage z`, plus test. Sign error. check-in: 3570d65e7d user: aku tags: trunk
feat: argmin/max statistics for rows, columns, bands - I.e. return index of first min/max along the axis. chore: tests for above. ahead: core selection reducer function chosing vector element by index. tweak: `op select` formatting, vertical code alignment. check-in: 074043c372 user: aku tags: trunk
fix: missing mathfunc for the new `square` support forgotten in previous commit. check-in: 55085be9b5 user: aku tags: trunk
tweak: moved `op math1 square` to a C implementation, from Tcl. check-in: e5b5d277ec user: aku tags: trunk
followup: tests for greyworld color correction check-in: eac1bab542 user: aku tags: trunk
fix: color handling - added pieces forgotten in previous commit check-in: 7c6231cd35 user: aku tags: trunk
feat: color handling - new convenience operators to set/query colorspace information feat: color handling - new greyworld color correction, global and local (tiled) note: no tests yet check-in: 7f0e83fddf user: aku tags: trunk
chore: comment tweak feat: extended image min-max with upper/lower parameters to modify actual results with percentiles. feat: updated `math1 fit min-max` stretcher to take the same upper/lower percentile modifiers. chore: updated tests. check-in: eb3f581c21 user: aku tags: trunk
fix: non-handling of comments in the netpbm header. Uses the new `uintstr` variant. check-in: 8238ab1769 user: aku tags: trunk
feat: extended reader API with uint_str variant detecting #-based comments, and skipping them. chore: documented the uint_str reader DFA fix: mishandling of non-digit character after leading whitespace. exposed by the documentation. check-in: cbaa51be64 user: aku tags: trunk
chore: remove stretch from trial, see the `math1::fit` operators ([394a0e84487360b3]). feat: move tk photo handling out of trial into new package `aktive::tk`. chore: updated users (`tools/photo` helper) check-in: 392564bbe9 user: aku tags: trunk
fix: missing teapot meta data for aktive::plot package check-in: 97db7ccf63 user: aku tags: trunk
feat: reworked writer API and implementation to support seeking and writing at arbitrary locations. note: a number of functions were renamed to match the new semantics. chore: updated netpbm format to the new function names. chore: updated aktive format to the new function names. feat: reworked format writer for non-sequential writing of pixel data based on the changed writer. todo: the same for the netpbm binary writers. check-in: 8fed74e50d user: aku tags: trunk
fix/feat: test helper. using file join enables passing in of absolute path and code behaving properly. check-in: fd690d29be user: aku tags: trunk