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Start of private SAPUI5 branch edits. Leaf check-in: d092328cde user: gerald tags: trunk
De-snitted a lot of the event handlers Added a new "options_dict" method for introspecting options. The odie way of handling properties collapsed horribly if there happened to be an option named -options (as we see in the combobox...) Added "my variable" to methods that were relying on the "variable" keyword in the class definition magically working Developed a TclOO implementation of traced variable event linking Updated to the latest ODIE, which adds mutexes, fixes a few bugs with properties, etc. (See odie fossil timeline) check-in: 9a05a8cffa user: seandeelywoods tags: trunk
Further fixes for the canvas Added different shapes to the sketch demo check-in: 0b61c414a1 user: seandeelywoods tags: trunk
Added oval, circle, and arc types to the canvas/wtk.js Modified the "graft" keyword such that calling the method of a graft with no arguments returns the object The wtk widget classes now fall back to the traditional unknown handler if the first argument does not look like a tkpath check-in: bb947dbc82 user: seandeelywoods tags: trunk
Removed several debugging puts statements Fixed some snitizisms I had missed in the canvas implementation. Rather than use delegation to re-use the "event_fire" method, I've simply created an object_event_fire method for the canvas to distinguish between widget bindings and canvas object bindings check-in: b88021946e user: seandeelywoods tags: trunk
Ported code to TclOO. Demos all work. Integrated the Odie package to extend TclOO and add extra keywords and to make TclOO more snitlike. check-in: 833107b47e user: seandeelywoods tags: trunk