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Artifact ID: 61b0467dd0cf048d2c054166d624071325202d46
Ticket: 61882d12fbf6ae337d6e6900a26c928362160a90
Bwidet combobox does not always show selected item in list
User & Date: anonymous 2016-02-26 15:16:16

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    Corrected version of mapliste which calls see on the listbos with some delay. The listbox does not properly scroll to the selected entry on FIRST open! The patch fixes the problem.

    proc ComboBox::_mapliste { path } { set listb $path.shell.listb if {[winfo exists $path.shell] && [string equal [wm state $path.shell] "normal"]} { _unmapliste $path return }

    if { [Widget::cget $path -state] == "disabled" } { return } if {[llength [set cmd [Widget::getMegawidgetOption $path -postcommand]]]} { uplevel \#0 $cmd } if { ![llength [Widget::getMegawidgetOption $path -values]] } { return }
    _recreate_popup $path
    ArrowButton::configure $path.a -relief sunken update
    set bw [Widget::cget $path -bwlistbox]
    $listb selection clear 0 end set values [Widget::getMegawidgetOption $path -values] set curval [Entry::cget $path.e -text] if { [set idx [lsearch -exact $values $curval]] == -1 && [set idx [lsearch -exact $values "$curval*"]] == -1 } { set idx 0 } if {$bw} { set idx [$listb items $idx] } else { $listb activate $idx } $listb selection set $idx $listb see $idx # After idle does not work, make sure selected item is visible! after 100 [list $listb see $idx];
    set width [Widget::cget $path -listboxwidth] if {!$width} { set width [winfo width $path] } BWidget::place $path.shell $width 0 below $path wm deiconify $path.shell raise $path.shell BWidget::focus set $listb if {! $Widget::_aqua } { BWidget::grab global $path } }
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    Bwidet combobox does not always show selected item in list

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