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Ticket UUID: 832488
Title: License woes
Type: Bug Version: None
Submitter: stwo Created on: 2003-10-29 16:47:28
Subsystem: None Assigned To: andreas_kupries
Priority: 8 Severity:
Status: Open Last Modified: 2003-11-29 02:46:36
Resolution: None Closed By:
    Closed on:
Tcllib has three licenses:

tcllib/license.terms: BSD-style, ok.
BSD-style, ok.

tcllib/modules/comm/comm.LICENSE: Seems BSD-ish,
paragraphs 2 and 5 seem problematic.

Is there something that can be done to clean this up?


User Comments: andreas_kupries added on 2003-11-29 02:46:36:
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Stuart, thanks for reminder on this. We had a discussion on 
tcllib-devel about this around end of May, beginning of June 
this year, but it died off when I got distracted. I have now 
restarted the discussion on tcllib-devel. When it concludes I 
will post a summary here. For taking part iin the discussion 
please subscribe to tcllib-devel. The subject of the past and 
now discussion is 'discrepancy in original intent and current 
status wrt licensing'.

A partial thread is at

stwo added on 2003-10-29 23:50:30:
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Oops - It's paragraphs 3 and 5, sorry.