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# Last Changed Type Status Subsystem Summary
88507dbd48 2015-01-05 17:37:45 RFE Open tklib :: diagrams Add PDF as possible output format for diagrams
a6dd880cf2 2014-12-11 07:39:14 RFE Open tklib :: plotchart Improve the documentation on the plotcumulative method
bf9e97fc3d 2014-11-23 19:47:15 RFE Open Documentation No documentation for xyplot
9c9ba34930 2013-10-12 06:57:41 RFE Open tklib Add Taotk to tklib
3458170fff 2013-07-04 20:01:14 RFE Open widget::dateentry widget::dateentry -- Add option -state (disabled|normal) to the widget
3480882fff 2012-02-24 17:56:51 RFE Open tklib: request for new module new widget - read-only text
3300362fff 2011-05-11 08:44:16 RFE Open tklib :: tooltip Tooltip font, msgcat namespace
1730868fff 2007-06-04 16:58:38 RFE Open None install as Tcl Modules
1580085fff 2006-10-19 05:51:18 RFE Open tklib: request for new module tklib - Dial meter items for canvas
1510449fff 2006-07-03 18:23:11 RFE Open None Feature request: Robots exclusion rules parser/checker
1475567fff 2006-04-24 14:40:04 RFE Open tklib: plotchart interaction with elements of the plots
1475562fff 2006-04-24 14:34:19 RFE Open tklib: plotchart improved handling of incorrect calls
535066ffff 2005-01-08 00:30:37 RFE Open tklib: request for new module menu management module for tklib
1007766fff 2004-08-12 13:40:36 RFE Open tklib: ctext Add a case-insensitive matching option to ctext
971076ffff 2004-06-11 22:41:30 RFE Open tklib: request for new module snitbutton widget
577678ffff 2004-05-04 14:52:46 RFE Open tcllib: request for new module Add the package tkmisc to tklib
663394ffff 2003-05-02 22:16:19 RFE Open None Update all.tcl