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Examples for the diagram package are useless
User & Date: anonymous 2019-07-21 19:37:26

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    Hello, for a new user to the diagram package some examples would be important. However, the examples provided with this package are useless, because they either - don't pertain to this package at all (draw_circle.tcl), or - require a differently named package (package require Diagrams - all others), and - assuming that just the package name changed and changing to the new name (diagram), they contain commands like 'currentpos', 'plaintext' or 'usegap' (draw_fraction.tcl) or 'attach' (draw_arrow.tcl) which don't even exist in this package (any more?).

    Summary: These examples were written for a sufficiently different package as to be useless. Thank you Helmut Giese

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