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piePeripheralLabeler - tkpiechart pie peripheral style labeler class

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stooop::new piePeripheralLabeler canvas ?options?
switched::configure piePeripheralLabelerObject ?options?
switched::cget piePeripheralLabelerObject option


The pie peripheral style labeler object is used as a slice label placer for a pie object and is passed to the pie constructor via its -labeler option (see the pie class manual).

The slice description text labels are arranged in 2 columns below the pie graphics, whereas the slice values are placed next to the slice and actually follow the slice as the pie is updated. Each description label text is placed to the right of a rectangle, the background color of which matches its corresponding slice. Each description label is actually a canvasLabel object.

There is no need to delete a piePeripheralLabeler object as it is automatically handled by the pie class.



The labeler has the following specific tag (see the canvas manual page ITEM IDS AND TAGS section for more information):

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canvasLabel, pie, pieBoxLabeler


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