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Comment:Got the description of classvariable wrong.
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User & Date: dkf 2018-06-17 16:52:54
Added TIP 511 for Christian Werner, who is having problems with his fossil login check-in: 063fc0cf1c user: dkf tags: trunk
Got the description of classvariable wrong. check-in: e3243a6107 user: dkf tags: trunk
fixed code error check-in: 51aba99441 user: rene tags: trunk
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Changes to tip/

    37     37   subclasses can be instantiated.
    38     38   
    39     39   ## New Definitions
    40     40   
    41     41   The `classmethod` class definition creates a method that can be used when
    42     42   invoked against its defining class or any of its subclasses.
    43     43   
    44         -The `classvariable` class definition creates a variable that exists in a
    45         -class's namespace and which is linked into any instance of that class
    46         -(including instances of subclasses); setting the variable with that name from
    47         -any of those instances or from the class will result in changes that can be
    48         -observed from all instances of that class.
    49         -
    50     44   The `initialise` class definition evaluates a script in a context where it can
    51     45   access the class's namespace, allowing for easier initialisation of a class
    52     46   than simply overriding its constructor.
    53     47   
    54     48   ## New Helper Commands
    55     49   
    56     50   The `callback`/`mymethod` command, available within methods, takes the name of
    57     51   a method and zero-or-more arguments and returns a script fragment that will
    58     52   allow that method easy to invoke from a callback (e.g., a variable `trace`,
    59     53   `chan event` callback, or Tk event binding). The command will be available
    60     54   with both names.
           55  +
           56  +The `classvariable` command, available within methods, binds a local variable
           57  +to a variable within the namespace of the class that defined the method.
    61     58   
    62     59   The `link` command, available within methods, creates a binding for methods
    63     60   so that calling the command with the given name is equivalent to calling
    64     61   `my $name` instead. It can link multiple methods with one call, one per
    65     62   argument, and those created commands can be renamed without losing the link;
    66     63   if an argument is a two-element list, the first element is the name of the
    67     64   method and the second is the name of the command (which will be resolved