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Comment:Updated the abstract
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Changes to tip/

     7      7   	Post-History:
     8      8   	Keywords:       Tcl, object orientation, visibility
     9      9   	Tcl-Version:    8.7
    10     10   -----
    11     11   
    12     12   # Abstract
    13     13   
    14         -This TIP proposes a mechanism for (somewhat) private variables in TclOO.
           14  +This TIP proposes a mechanism for private methods and variables in TclOO.
           15  +Private methods are methods that can only be called from methods of the same
           16  +class. Private variables have names so that they are unlikely to be used
           17  +by subclasses by accident (but can still be used from **vwait**, Tk, etc.)
    15     18   
    16     19   # Rationale
    17     20   
    18     21   One of the principles of object oriented programming is that classes should be
    19     22   isolated from each other. This particularly includes the isolation of a
    20     23   superclass (which might be in one package) from its subclasses (in other
    21     24   packages) other than for its published API. The TclOO object system in Tcl 8.6