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Comment:Fixed typo in JO's name (SHAME!)
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User & Date: fbonnet 2018-05-26 09:49:52
Add some titles to the examples check-in: 8b7522e1b5 user: dkf tags: trunk
Fixed typo in JO's name (SHAME!) check-in: 22823b2821 user: fbonnet tags: trunk
TIP #509: Initial draft complete check-in: 61ea8fa199 user: fbonnet tags: trunk
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Changes to tip/

    91     91   is very unlikely that this will break any existing code: 
    92     92   
    93     93   - Windows-only code will see no change in behavior.
    94     94   - Unix-only code with reentrant mutexes is fatally flawed in the current state
    95     95     of the Tcl core, since this results in a deadlock. At best, this TIP will fix
    96     96     such hard-to-reproduce situations (case in point: TclX signals), and the code
    97     97     will transition from the nonworking state to the working state (which,
    98         -  according to Dr. John Ousterhoot, is the best performance improvement). At
           98  +  according to Dr. John Ousterhout, is the best performance improvement). At
    99     99     worst, this change will trigger a new class of reentrancy-related bugs on
   100    100     already broken code.
   101    101   - Multiplatform code in its current form behaves either inconsistently or
   102    102     consistently, depending on whether it uses reentrant mutexes or not.
   103    103     Consistent code will remain consistent, inconsistent code will become
   104    104     consistent as the Unix version aligns with the Windows version.
   105    105