TIP 577: Strict index values

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Author:         Jan Nijtmans <[email protected]>
State:          Draft
Type:           Project
Created:        8-June-2020
Keywords:       Tcl index
Tcl-Version:    8.7
Tcl-Branch:     strict-index


Various commands handle errors in "index" values differently. This TIP attempts to treat the different uses of index values (in both Tcl and Tk) to a more uniform way.


Some examples (Tk):

$ wish8.6
% listbox .l
% menu .m
% .l index 0
% .l index none
bad listbox index "none": must be active, anchor, end, @x,y, or a number
% .m index none
% .m index 0
% .m index foo
bad menu entry index "foo"

More examples (Tcl):

$ tclsh8.6
% lreplace {a b c} -1 -1 d
d a b c
% lreplace {a b c} -2 -2 d
d a b c
% set x {a b c}
a b c
% lset x 0 d
d b c
% lset x -1 d
list index out of range

Changing any of the above examples to give a different answer is not possible in the Tcl 8.x timeline, as it could cause applications to break unexpectedly. But this examples make it clear that the responses -1 and none are used often to mean the same thing. For Tcl 9 more can be done, but more investigation is needed to determine whether none or maybe the empty string would be a better fit here. Also, whether a command gives an error-message on an invalid index or bails out cannot be changed in the Tcl 8.x timeline.

Since they are often causes of bugs, this TIP makes the step to deprecate the use of indices < -1 and > end+1. Such indices normally result from code loops which don't properly check for the end condition. Therefore, those indices will no longer be valid indices in Tcl 9.

It would be tempting to change Tcl 9 such that none or the empty string is used as return value in stead of -1. That change is not made yet in this TIP, more experimenting is needed to determine the impact that would have.



For Tcl 8.7 this is almost 100% compatible, previous error-situations become valid now: Index value none can now be used in place of -1, just as the empty string "".

Since, starting with Tcl 9.0, some index forms are no longer valid, this is a potential incompatibility. Indices like -2 and end+2 can no longer be used in scripts: they will immediately result in an "index out of range" error, in stead of being silently ignore.


See the strict-index branch.

For Tk, see the strict-index branch.


This document has been placed in the public domain.