TIP 368: Listbox Justification Option

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Author:		Russell Davidson <[email protected]>
State:		Withdrawn
Type:		Project
Tcl-Version:	8.7
Vote:		Pending
Created:	10-May-2010
Keywords:	Tk
Obsoleted-By: 441


This TIP is to allow right and center justification of listboxes using -justify as an option.


Sometimes a listbox needs right or center justification for the right visual effect. For example lists of numbers, particularly money amounts, look better right justified. Currently, only left justification is possible.


It is proposed that a -justify option be added to the ::listbox widget, which may be left, right, or center to allow different justifications. The default setting will be left.


A patch exists in SourceForge (FRQ 2996762 ).


This document has been placed in the public domain.