TIP 365: Add Python Compatibility Mode

State:		Draft
Type:		Project
Tcl-Version:	8.6
Vote:		No voting
Author:		Donal K. Fellows <[email protected]>
Created:	01-Apr-2010
Keywords:	Look at the date


This TIP adds support for reading and evaluating code written in Python to the tclsh interpreter.


There is a lot of Python code out there, all of which suffers from the problem that the implementation quality of those interpreters is distinctly below what any reasonable person would consider "production". This presents a major opportunity for the well-known dynamic Tcl community to provide people across the whole world the power of Tcl (especially through the new case command) while requiring no changes on the users part other than a simple recoding of the calling sequence for their code.

Proposed Change

A PythonLanguageCompatibility package will be provided. Upon being package required, the remainder of the script will be evaluated in the Python language. This enables simple programs like this to be written:

 package require Tcl 8.6
 interp create worker
 $worker eval {
     package require PythonLanguageCompatibility
     romanDgts= 'ivxlcdmVXLCDM_'
     def ToRoman(num):
       namoR = ''
       if num >=4000000:
         print 'Too Big -'
         return '-----'
       for rdix in range(0, len(romanDgts), 2):
         if num==0: break
         num,r = divmod(num,10)
         v,r = divmod(r, 5)
         if r==4:
           namoR += romanDgts[rdix+1+v] + romanDgts[rdix]
           namoR += r*romanDgts[rdix] + (romanDgts[rdix+1] if(v==1) else '')
       return namoR[-1::-1]
 interp alias {} ToRoman $worker ToRoman
 after 100 {package require PythonLanguageCompatibility}
 after 200 {package forget PythonLanguageCompatibility}
 for {set i 0} {$i < 10000} {incr i} {
    try {
       print '%x - %s'%(i,ToRoman(i))
    } trap {LANGUAGE WRONG} {} {
       puts "$i was not printed as a roman number"

Clearly this allows the intermixing of both Tcl's and Python's strengths with minimal effort on users' parts.


This document has been placed in the public domain.