TIP 1: TIP Index

Author:         TIP Editor <[email protected]>
State:          Withdrawn
Type:           Informational
Vote:           No voting
Created:        14-Sep-2000
Obsoleted-By:   386


This TIP contains the index of all TIPs published over the lifetime of the TCT. It will be continually and automatically updated.



White backgrounds indicate that the TIP is still a draft, yellow backgrounds highlight TIPs being voted on, and where a TIP has been rejected, withdrawn or obsoleted its index entry has a dark grey background. Blue backgrounds indicate a TIP has been accepted, but still needs an implementation approved by maintainers. Green backgrounds indicate that the TIP is deferred, waiting for someone to work on it.

Explanations and How To Submit New TIPs

See [2] for a description of the editorial process a TIP has to go through and [3] for a description of their structure and the commands used to write them. You submit a TIP to this archive by emailing it (preferably in source form) to the TIP editor [email protected] who will check it for following of the guidelines, style and general relevance to Tcl/Tk before checking it into the CVS archive and notifying the author, the rest of the Tcl Core Team, and the relevant newsgroups.


This document has been placed in the public domain.