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Comment:Better reorg of files within the lib part.
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SHA1: 8eab51756604d23bd954d0d9fbfe66fcbe84ac81
User & Date: dkf 2015-10-25 17:33:22
Better reorg of files within the lib part. Leaf check-in: 8eab517566 user: dkf tags: destructure
Sort files into apps, lib code, and other. Begin the deconstruction. check-in: 4c32efc77c user: aku tags: destructure
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Name change from lib/tiphtml.tcl to lib/render/html.tcl.

Name change from lib/tipms.tcl to lib/render/ms.tcl.

Name change from lib/tiprtf.tcl to lib/render/rtf.tcl.

Name change from lib/tiptex.tcl to lib/render/tex.tcl.

Name change from lib/tipview.tcl to lib/render/tk.tcl.

Name change from lib/tiptxt.tcl to lib/render/txt.tcl.

Name change from lib/tipxml.tcl to lib/render/xml.tcl.

Name change from lib/base64.tcl to lib/utils/base64.tcl.

Name change from lib/epstopdf.tcl to lib/utils/epstopdf.tcl.

Name change from lib/imwidth.tcl to lib/utils/imwidth.tcl.

Name change from lib/md5.tcl to lib/utils/md5.tcl.