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Invalid channel names in thread
User & Date: tomkiti 2018-03-03 18:49:02

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    In wish 8.6.8 on Windows, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th files that are opened within a thread return the channel names stdin, stdout, and stderr. This does not happen in the main thread, in tclsh 8.6.8, in wish 8.5.*, or on Linux.

    For example, the following script writes the first 5 opened channel names to a log file:

    package require Thread set tid [::thread::create] ::thread::send $tid { set chan1 [open c:/temp/log.txt w] set chan2 [open nul w] set chan3 [open nul w] set chan4 [open nul w] set chan5 [open nul w] puts $chan1 "chan1 = $chan1" puts $chan1 "chan2 = $chan2" puts $chan1 "chan3 = $chan3" puts $chan1 "chan4 = $chan4" puts $chan1 "chan5 = $chan5" close $chan1 close $chan2 close $chan3 close $chan4 close $chan5 } exit

    The file c:/temp/log.txt will contain something like:

    chan1 = file303b0c0 chan2 = stdin chan3 = stdout chan4 = stderr chan5 = file3033160

    I don't know if the problem is in Tcl, wish, or the Thread package, but I'm reporting it here.

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